Vote Nov. 8th for Dan Patrick


  • Dan Patrick has raised nearly $20 million in private funds for children with disabilities, and as Lt. Governor, made it a priority to help these families.

  • Patrick has increased the homestead exemption on property tax bills from $15,000 to $40,000, saving homeowners thousands over their lifetime and will raise it to $55,000 next session.

  • Dan Patrick passed the largest education funding increase in Texas history, including the biggest teacher pay raise ever.

  • Dan Patrick will prevent bail to those arrested for capital crimes such as murder, rape and other serious offenses.

  • Patrick has done more to increase access to mental health services for Texas families than any Lieutenant Governor in Texas history. 

Mike Collier: Turning Texas Into California

  • Opposes school choice and called parents who want it vultures in a major speech.

  • Believes boys should be allowed to play girls’ sports.

  • Wants open borders, sanctuary cities, high inflation, high taxes, and woke policies.

  • Will repeal the photo voter I.D. law and allow people to vote without identification.

  • Supports Biden’s policies to shut down the oil and gas industry.

Vote for Dan Patrick

Election Day, Tuesday, Nov. 8
Vote Early Oct. 24 to Nov. 4