Harris County Citizens at Risk – Public Safety Compromised

Friday, April 1, 2022

Harris County Citizens at Risk – Public Safety Compromised
Nearly 300 Criminals Dumped on Houston Streets

HOUSTON TX – Texas Lieutenant Governor and conservative Republican candidate for re-election, Dan Patrick, released the following statement:

“Harris County government is broken. News leaked yesterday that they mistakenly released nearly 300 criminals from jail, dumping them on Houston streets, freeing them to commit new crimes and prey upon our citizens.

“This is just the latest example of dysfunction and incompetence from Harris County leadership. On March 1st they proved they could not properly count the election votes. Days later they mysteriously found 10,000 uncounted ballots. They never explained how they were lost in the first place, and they never said who had them or where they were for 5 days.

“At the same time, the County Judge is under investigation for a questionable contract allegedly given to a personal friend.

“And now, what is the news this week? This week, they opened the jail and kicked loose nearly 300 criminals. No excuse, no explanation. The county would have you believe there is nothing to worry about. How many murderers, rapists, sexual predators, armed robbers, burglars, drug dealers were in the release? They have not offered up an account or demonstrated any transparency at all.

“Who will the Commissioners Court scapegoat this time? The election debacle was blamed on Isabel Longoria – a person who did not have the resume to hold the job in the first place. Longoria was installed in a political takeover by the Commissioners Court.

“Some Magistrate will undoubtedly be sacrificed on the altar of political expediency for the mass release of nearly 300 criminals from the jail.

“But responsibility for this level of dysfunction rests squarely on the shoulders of the Harris County Commissioner Court. These are the people who need to be resigning in shame, embarrassment, and dishonor.”

To download a pdf version of this press release, click here.