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Politifact Texas Call’s Dewhurst’s attacks “Pants on Fire!” READ it here.

Lie #1:

Dan Patrick is hiding something by changing his name.



– Dan Patrick has never hidden the fact that he changed his name when he began a career in radio and television.

Click here to READ the truth on Dan’s name change

Lie #2:

Dan Patrick pocketed money by filing for bankruptcy.


Lie #3:

The attack that crossed the line.

Exposing 30 year old medical records.



“…Texas politics is a contact sport, but releasing a candidate’s personal medical records is out of bounds.” -Texas Medical Association President Austin King, MD

The Dallas Morning News says that the latest attack from Patterson and Dewhurst “scrape moral bottom.”

Click here to read the facts.

Get the Facts on Dewhurst’s Lies

Dewhurst on Border Security:

-Dewhurst allowed for the expansion of in-state tuition of illegal immigrants. Senate Bill 1528 (79-R)

– Dewhurst allowed for the expansion of free healthcare for illegal immigrants. Senate Bill 309 (78-R)

– Dewhurst supports amnesty – what he calls a “path to legal status.” Senate Bill 309 (78-R)

– Dewhurst reduced spending on the budget line items for border security and fighting criminal gangs.  LBB Report White Paper

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