Even The Democrats Don’t Want Biden

An Embarrassing Night for Biden…

Biden lost the split-screen debate. He looked totally lost. Biden lost the policy debate on every issue.

Biden lost, period. It was a Trump knockout in every round.

Democrats are saying Biden was an unmitigated disaster, and some say he should step down. I’ve said from the day this early debate was announced this was a set-up by the Democrats to replace Biden on the ballot.

I said this on Michael Berry’s radio show (click here to listen) on February 21st of this year and have repeated it in speeches and discussions. That was before the debate was even announced.

CNN’s split-screen was part of the set-up, which kept the camera on Biden. The Democrats’ post-debate analysts on CNN made it clear that Biden needs to be replaced.

It was so obvious this was the set-up. I told a large Republican group last night that this whole debate sham was a ploy to make it absolutely clear that Biden had to be replaced. Now, we are watching it happen.

It is time for new leadership in the White House. Tell your Republican friends and neighbors to vote for Donald Trump. Trump won the debate. And he’s ready to be our next president.

And Who is Biden’s Replacement?

I’ve said for months it’s likely to be Michelle Obama. Barack is running the White House now and wants to be officially back in the White House. He’s the mastermind behind the Biden debate failure. And Michelle is the ONLY person they can replace VP Harris with as the new nominee without backlash. So, while it could be someone else, it’s likely Michelle. The public will finally see through this ruse and realize it was a set-up all along.

Trump will beat her as well, or anyone else they decide to replace him with.

A Promise Made for Jocelyn

Before heading to Austin yesterday, I attended the funeral for 12-year-old Jocelyn Nungaray in Houston. Her mother, Alexis Nungaray, has been incredible in sharing the story of her little angel. She is boldly speaking out on this unspeakable crime and questioning our bail system. The service was beautiful. I made Alexis a promise. Click here for the story on my promise.

A Huge Victory for Texas Children

Today, the Texas Supreme Court ruled to uphold the state’s child gender modification ban in an 8-1 decision. Senate Bill 14, by Senator Donna Campbell, R-New Braunfels, one of my highest priorities last session, banned gender modification treatments and procedures for Texans under 18 years of age. As Lt. Governor, I believe the practice of child gender modification is abhorrent, and I knew that it must be stopped in Texas. That is why we passed this priority legislation in 2023.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas