Empower Texans: Dan Patrick Got It Done

On his first vote as a state senator, Dan Patrick voted alone. In the recently concluded legislative session, Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick and the state senate substantively delivered on every measure he campaigned on last year.

A main stay of Patrick’s policy agenda, since he first ran for a Houston-area state senate seat a decade ago, was property tax reform. This session, he and his successor – freshman Sen. Paul Bettencourt – delivered through the senate a series of reforms.

Most notably, the Senate pushed for, and the House relented on and enacted, an increase in the homestead exemption for property owners.

The same can be said for tax cuts. The Texas House did nothing on tax cuts until after the Patrick-led Senate passed a $4.2 billion relief package.

Part of Patrick’s first (and successful) run for public office in 2006 was built on his opposition to the so-called business “margins” tax. This year, the tax was significantly reduced.

On issue after issue this legislative session, under Patrick’s leadership, the Senate led forward with substantive reforms. It was the Senate that passed a spending limit measure that kept with the wishes of 94 percent of GOP primary voters… which was then killed in the Texas House.

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