“I have endorsed Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor because he has shown a sincere concern for the children of Texas. Dan is a school choice champion and has a proven record of defending our schools against the threat of CSCOPE and Common Core. Dan knows that these programs undermine the curriculum and standards established by our elected leaders.”

-Michelle Smith, State Director of Concerned Women of America

“Dan Patrick sponsored HB 462 which stopped common core, the national takeover of education, from coming to Texas. He also lead the senate fight to stop Cscope and ensure Texas parents have the right to see what their sons and daughters are being taught and tested on in public schools. Please join me in supporting Dan Patrick.”

-Ken Mercer, member, State Board of Education



Dan Patrick’s Record on Education


SB 23- Passed the Texas Equal Opportunity Scholarship Program for students in failing schools out of committee

  • Dan Patrick passed a school choice tax credit bill out of the Senate Education committee with bi-partisan support but the bill died in the Senate because of the two-thirds rule.
  • This legislation allowed businesses to donate a portion of the amount they owe in franchise taxes or state premium taxes to fund education scholarships for students to attend a school of their choice.
  • Nonprofit organizations would award educational scholarships to eligible public school students who are at-risk of dropping out of school or who reside in a household that is at or below 200 percent of the federal poverty level.


HB 5 – Reformed graduation plans to provide greater flexibility and prepare children for college and career

  • Restructured graduation plans, giving students broader range of options to prepare all students for college and workforce;
  • Reduced testing, to put more emphasis on classroom instruction and make better use of other national assessments (i.e., SAT/ACT);
  • Expanded use of Career and Technology courses and enabled partnerships between school districts, businesses, and higher education.


SB 2 – Passed legislation that expands the number of charter schools and helps shut down poor performers

  • Provided for growth in the number of charter schools;
  • Restructured standards to ensure the highest quality charters are opened and maintained in Texas


HB 462 – Passed legislation to protect state standards by prohibiting Common Core

  • Clarified that Common Core cannot be adopted in Texas, at the state level or at the local level. Ensures that Texas will educate with our own high-quality standards.


SB 1406 – Led the charge against CSCOPE

  • Fought CSCOPE, passed bill and worked to provide a process for SBOE to review any CSCOPE lessons.
  • Asked the Texas State Auditor to perform an audit of the CSCOPE board.


HB 2012 – Passed legislation to improve teacher quality

  • Addressed teacher quality to raise standards for educator preparation programs and raise the quality and professionalism of those in the classroom.