On Education, other issues: Dan Patrick ‘gets it done’

By John Griffing

Sen. Dan Patrick (R-SD7) reflects the will of his constituents.  Policy wonks may have disagreements with Patrick from time to time, but Patrick gets it done.

Facts don’t seem to get in the way of Dewhurst’s supporters, however.

Consider the following:

1) Dan was first (along with Greg Abbott) on the CSCOPE audit, using documentation State CWA Director Michelle Smith and myself provided as support, but Dewhurst says ‘me too’ and takes credit.  (In point of fact, I worked side-by-side with Sen. Patrick to eliminate CSCOPE curriculum in Texas classrooms, and he was the most responsive of any legislators or public officials in taking proactive steps to rein in the rogue curriculum.)

2) Dan (along with other conservative senators) was the reason Texas defeated Wendy Davis, but Dewhurst (who originally took the 20-weeks wording OUT of the bill and was at a meeting with his consultant when it mattered), takes credit for ultimate victory.

3) Dan fought against unnecessary tax increases, and participated in tax reform efforts.  Dewhurst claims he lowered taxes and takes credit for the budget being balanced.  The secret?  Texas law requires a balanced budget, and Dewhurst actually installed the new margins tax currently hurting small businesses as well as proposing wage/payroll taxes that would reverse the historic position of Texas a state without an income tax.  Dewhurst claiming credit for the success of Texas is like a man expecting a promotion for showing up to work.

4) Dan sponsored and piloted “anti-groping” legislation to protect Texans at airports from invasive strip searches and body scanners.  Dewhurst killed the legislation after getting pressure from the federal Department of Homeland Security (DHS.)  This is the same DHS purchasing billions of hollow point rounds, and conducting target practice with paper cutouts in the likeness of pregnant women and elderly persons.

Dan Patrick has more grassroots and tea party endorsements than anyone else in the race for Lt. Gov.  Why is that?  Answer:  Patrick’s record matches his claims.  Patrick follows through.  Patrick actually adheres to conservative principles.

Dewhurst likes to play on his “average” appeal, running ads that feature him talking with “average” folks.  The fact is, Dewhurst leaves average folks twisting unless he happens to be running for office.  Remember the bid against Ted Cruz?  Lies, lies, and more lies.  Why do Texans have such a short memory?  Recall that Dewhurst expressed little-to-no interest in CSCOPE until it became an election issue.

Here’s the reality: Patrick does what he promises to do, e.g., get rid of CSCOPE lessons.  Where is Dewhurst when it matters?  In a phrase, Dewhurst is “out to lunch.”

John Griffing is an investigative journalist, media relations expert and public speaker who has been instrumental in demanding transparency in the public sphere. Griffing’s exposés have been credited with major policy shifts at the state level. Griffing’s platforms include: WND, Pravda, National Review, American Thinker, Bruges Group, Fox 26, Russia Today (RT), KTRH, 1070AM, and many more.  His interview credits include Fortune 500 executives, as well as key public officials. His upcoming book, ‘America’s Last Chance,’ is in the final stages of editing.


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