Dewhurst’s Lies Continue In Latest Personal Attack on TV

Demonstrates Reckless Disregard for the Truth

HOUSTON – The Dan Patrick campaign released the following statement from Senior Strategist Allen Blakemore, in response to the latest TV ad from David Dewhurst:

“David Dewhurst’s latest vicious personal TV attack ad is a continuation of the downward spiral he began in his losing campaign against Ted Cruz two years ago.  Desperate and floundering, Dewhurst is grasping at straws as he sinks to even greater depths, showing no regard for the truth or the voters’ patience for this sort of negative campaign.

“Seeking to portray Dan Patrick in an unflattering light, Dewhurst uses photos of Patrick taken while raising money for children with multiple disabilities, literally giving them the shirt off his back as a charity auction item. Patrick has helped raise over $16,000,000 to benefit the Be An Angel Foundation since 1988.

“Dewhurst last ad earned a ‘Pants-On-Fire’ from PolitiFact-Texas for a ridiculous lie for its claim about Patrick’s name change.  In the current ad, Dewhurst throws out claims that PolitiFact-Texas has previously said there is ‘No proof’ the charges are true.

“It has become obvious that Dewhurst has demonstrated a reckless disregard for the truth, and little respect for the voters, as he pollutes the airwaves, hijacking their television set to spread his malicious rhetoric.

“I am confident that as this ad is reviewed by independent fact-checkers, the other claims in the ad will be adjudicated as false and misleading.

“The voters deserve better, but should have grown accustomed to this sort of nasty, negative campaigning by David Dewhurst.  The only way to stop it once and for all is to vote Dewhurst out of office and relegate him to the dustbin of history.”