Dewhurst’s Attack-Dog Patterson Misses Mark Again

Father of CHL in Texas demonstrated ignorance of the law

HOUSTON – The Dan Patrick Campaign responded to the latest attack gone awry by David Dewhurst’s attack-dog Jerry Patterson. On behalf of the Patrick Campaign, Allen Blakemore, offered this response:

“Jerry Patterson, inconsolable since his fourth place finish in the Primary, and now blinded by hatred for authentic conservative Dan Patrick, once again proves he can’t shoot straight. Fact challenged as ever, he takes a high dive into a shallow pool of truth.

“Patterson claims Senator Patrick currently holds a Concealed Handgun License (CHL). The truth is that Senator Patrick applied for a CHL and received the license in 2007. The license has expired and not been renewed.

“Patterson claims that Senator Patrick lied on his CHL application form about his previous treatment for depression and hospitalization. The truth is that he truthfully answered the questions on the application and was granted the license, just as any other citizen would have been.

“Jerry Patterson, the self-proclaimed Father of CHL in Texas, should be embarrassed by his profound ignorance of the law.

“When Senator Patrick applied for a CHL and received the license in 2007, he honestly and truthfully answered questions. David Dewhurst’s hapless surrogate Jerry Patterson leaked Senator Patrick’s health records, so he is obviously familiar with them. In 2007 when Senator Patrick completed his application, the answer to the questions regarding psychiatric hospitalization in the preceding two-years was NO. He answered truthfully. Patterson knows how Senator Patrick would have answered the questions under the requirements set forth in Texas Government Code 411.172 – which was not amended until 2009.

“The voters have rejected Jerry Patterson at the ballot box, and should reject his outrageous claims. Patterson should shoot straight with the public – Dan Patrick is the most conservative, best-qualified candidate for Lieutenant Governor of Texas.