Dewhurst Lied and Tried to Cover It Up

Dewhurst Lied and Tried to Cover It Up
Exposed by his hapless surrogate Jerry Patterson

HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, expressed outrage last night at David Dewhurst’s latest smear. A new day has brought an even more disgusting attack. Senator Patrick released the following statement:

“David Dewhurst and his attack dog Jerry Patterson have sunk deeper into the mire, lowering themselves further into the gutter. While it is hard to imagine, they have achieved a new low.

“As I have said, I voluntarily entered the hospital twice in the 1980’s for exhaustion and to seek treatment for depression. Some of prescribed medications exacerbated my condition and created more serious problems. Through prayer and with the help of my family and physician, like millions of other American, I was able to defeat depression. I have not seen a doctor or taken any medication to treat depression in nearly 30 years. Two weeks ago I released a medical report indicating I am in excellent physical and mental health; I am ready to serve.

“Dewhurst believes my medical issues with depression, nearly 30 years ago, are a problem. He’s mistaken. The problem is when a politician who is sliding in the polls, thinks he can use his opponents health records to get ahead. It simply won’t work.

“The public response has been overwhelming. Dewhurst has been roundly criticized from all corners. On the other hand, I have received a flood of new support and encouragement – much from those Texans who have suffered from depression or had it touch their families or loved ones.

“Dewhurst started the day denying any involvement in the release of my medical records. His hapless surrogate, Jerry Patterson, removed all doubt in an afternoon email misfire where he clearly stated that it was Dewhurst’s idea. Dewhurst now tries to deny any connection to Patterson while just days ago his campaign produced a video of Patterson cleaning his guns and defaming me.

“David Dewhurst has spent his entire campaign, including millions of dollars of his own money, airing personal attacks. Not once has he ever articulated any message about why he deserves reelection, or what his plans are to prosper Texas. He has inherited his own problems.

“This election offers the voters an opportunity for change. The alternatives are – a moderate politician who has failed to lead on a long list of issues or an authentic conservative who will secure the border, fight Obama, and lower your property taxes.”