Dewhurst Goes Negative – Straight to the Gutter

HOUSTON – David Dewhurst kicked off his Runoff Election Campaign today with a personal attack ad assailing Dan Patrick.  Allen Blakemore, Patrick Campaign Senior Strategist responded to requests for comment on the ad:

“Six weeks before the Runoff Election and during Holy Week, David Dewhurst takes his campaign straight to the gutter.  Over the next seven days, he is spending over $1,000,000 polluting the airwaves, spewing raw sewage, and personally attacking Dan Patrick.  Mr. Dewhurst’s ad offers no excuse for his own record of failure to secure the border, failure to address property taxes that are driving people from their homes, and a failure to deliver a fiscally responsible budget.

“Mr. Dewhurst’s negative campaign of personal attacks will fail.  The voters know David Dewhurst and his record, and over 70% have already rejected his message and are looking for an authentic conservative like Dan Patrick to lead as our next Lieutenant Governor.

“This latest attack ad is a string of lies, half truths, and a rehash of events from 30 years ago.

“Voters are looking for a leader who can deliver on conservative policy, not a candidate who can launch personal attacks in packaged campaign ads.”

An analysis of the claims made in the Dewhurst attack ad is linked here: