Dewhurst Desperate – Patrick Campaign Outraged at Latest Attack

Dewhurst has no honor and knows no shame

HOUSTON – Under cover of darkness and just 4 days before the start of Early Voting, David Dewhurst, strikes another low blow, hoping to arrest his further decline in the polls in a feeble attempt to desperately cling to elective office.  Patrick Campaign spokesman, Allen Blakemore, issued the following statements:

“This is outrageous!  Dewhurst had already hit bottom, and now he has found a new low!  He has no honor, and knows no shame!

“Nearly 30 years ago, Senator Patrick sought medical attention to help him cope with mild depression and exhaustion.  Under the care of a medical doctor, he voluntarily admitted himself for treatment and spent a short time in the hospital.  He has not required additional treatment or medication for nearly 30 years.

“This has not been a secret; for years on his radio station, he has regularly talked about depression and discussed the importance of early treatment when dealing with depression.  He has done this to help others and remove any social stigma for those who seek or are considering seeking treatment.  He has conducted several interviews with Texas journalists on the subject.  None felt inclined to write the story.

“Following an interview in 2011, Senator Patrick obtained a letter from his treating physician for public release.  The letter is attached to this statement .

“Now comes David Dewhurst, caked in mud, and oozing sleaze, with his latest personal attack.  He unsuccessfully attempted to slime Ted Cruz in 2012.  He has desperately tried to slime him throughout the primary.  Now, still lagging in the polls, frantic to maintain his hold on public office, he stoops to a new low.

“It is estimated that as many as 30,000,000 Americans suffer from some form of depression and many Texas families are touched by it.  For Dewhurst to attempt to use this for political gain is disgusting.  He should be ashamed.






Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick22 hours ago
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Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick3 days ago
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