Dewhurst Bows to Pressure – Stops Airing Offensive TV Ads

Dewhurst Campaign Went Dark Today

HOUSTON – The Dan Patrick Campaign applauded the decision by David Dewhurst to stop airing his malicious and fact challenged television ads.  The Dewhurst Campaign is currently not airing any TV ads.  The Patrick campaign released the following statement from Allen Blakemore:

“David Dewhurst told David Jennings of the Big Jolly Politics blog on May 1, 2014 that he would apologize to the Be An Angel Foundation, and remove the offensive material from his advertising.    He did leave a voicemail at the charity, but ran the ad for another five days later.

“Dewhurst has received a flood of criticism for this deceitful and malicious television advertising.  Claims made in the ads have earned a ‘Pants-On-Fire’ rating from PolitiFact-Texas and even calls for removal from one Dallas television station.

“Dewhurst has spent over $2,000,000 in a campaign of lies and deceit – smearing Dan Patrick.  Absent from his hate filled ads is any mention of why he believes he deserves another four years in office, or what his plans are to solve pressing public policy issues facing Texas.  He seems to have inherited his own mistakes and now, rather than offer real conservative solutions, he simply attacks his opponents.

“One can only assume that he is overcome with shame and embarrassment and has ordered his campaign team to pull the ads; clearly a good first step.”






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