Watch the Texas Lt. Governor Debate Online

Dan Patrick is debating his opponent Leticia Van de Putte TONIGHT at 7:00pm! Here’s what you need to know:

1. Watch Live

You can watch the debate on your local PBS station. The Texas Tribune will also stream the debate on Youtube from 7pm to 8pm:

2. #StandWithDan

Show your support on social media by using the hashtag #StandWithDan. We’ll be putting together a collage with the best photo submissions. Click here to upload your picture!

3. Local Listings


KERA Dallas on local cable LIVE
KTAB-TV Abilene- 24.1 ABC Streamed


KACV-TV Amarillo 2.1 PBS LIVE
KAMR-TV Amarillo 4.1 NBC Delayed to 10/4, 8PM
KVII-TV Amarillo 7.1 ABC Streamed


KLRU-TV Austin 18.1 PBS LIVE
KVUE-TV Austin 24.1 ABC Delayed to 10/5 at 3pm, Streamed live
KAKW Austin 62.1 Univision Streamed – SPANISH
KTBC-TV Austin 7.1 FOX Streamed
KXAN-TV Austin 36.1 NBC Streamed
KEYE-TV Austin 42.1 CBS Streamed

Beaumont-Port Arthur

KUHT Houston on local cable LIVE
KBTV-TV Beaumont-Port Arthur 40.1 FOX Streamed
KFDM-TV Beaumont-Port Arthur 6.1 CBS Streamed

Corpus Christi

KEDT-TV Corpus Christi 16.1 PBS LIVE
KDF-TV Corpus Christi 47.1 IND LIVE

Dallas-Ft. Worth

KERA-TV Dallas-Ft. Worth 13.1 PBS LIVE
KXTX-TV Dallas-Ft Worth 21.1 CBS Ind. Delayed to 10/5, 2PM
KUVN-TV Dallas-Ft. Worth 23.1 Univision Streamed – SPANISH
KDAF-TV Dallas-Ft. Worth 33.1 CW Streamed
WFAA-TV Dallas-Ft. Worth 8.1 ABC Streamed
KDFW-TV Dallas-Ft. Worth 4.1 FOX Streamed

El Paso

KCOS-TV El Paso 13.1 PBS LIVE (6pm MT)
KVIA-TV El Paso 7.3 ABC New Now LIVE (6pm MT)
KSCE-TV El Paso 38.1 Ind. LIVE (6pm MT)
KTSM-TV El Paso 9.1 NBC
KDBC-TV El Paso 4.1 CBS


ABC 13 Houston: Digital channel 13.2/315 Comcast
KPRC-TV Houston 2.2 ThisTV LIVE
KUHT-TV Houston 8.1 PBS LIVE
KIAH-TV Houston 39.1 CW Streamed
KRIV-TV Houston 26.1 FOX Streamed
KXLN Houston 45.1 Univision Streamed – SPANISH
KHOU-TV Houston 11.1 CBS Streamed
KTMD-TV Houston 47.1 Telemundo Streamed


KLRN San Antonio on local cable LIVE


KTTZ-TV Lubbock 5.1 PBS LIVE
KJTV-TV Lubbock 34.2 FOX News LIVE


KPBT-TV Midland/Odessa 36.1 PBS LIVE
KPEJ-TV Midland-Odessa 24.1 FOX Streamed

Rio Grande Valley: Harlingen, Weslaco, Brownsville, McAllen

KMBH-TV Rio Grande Valley38.1 PBS LIVE
KRGV-TV Rio Grande Valley 5.3 RetroTV LIVE
KVEO-TV Rio Grande Valley 23.1 NBC

San Angelo

San Angelo KERA Dallas on local cable LIVE
KLST-TV San Angelo 5.1 CBS Streamed

San Antonio

KLRN-TV San Antonio 9.1 PBS LIVE
KWEX-TV San Antonio 41.1 Univision Streamed – SPANISH
KABB-TV San Antonio 29.1 FOX Streamed
WOAI-TV San Antonio 4.1 NBC Streamed
KENS-TV San Antonio 5.1 CBS Streamed
KSAT-TV San Antonio 12.1 ABC Streamed


KERA Dallas on local cable LIVE

Tyler-Longview, Lufkin-Nacogdoches

KETK-TV Tyler-Longview 56.1 NBC Streamed
KTRE-TV Tyler-Longview 9.1 ABC Streamed,
KFXK-TV Tyler-Longview 51.1 FOX Streamed
KERA Dallas on local cable LIVE


KXXV-TV Waco- Temple- 25.3 Weather Now LIVE and streamed,
KNCT TV Waco- Temple- 46.1 PBS LIVE
KAMU-TV Waco-Temple- 12.1 PBS LIVE and streamed
KWKT-TV Waco-Temple- 44.1 FOX Estrella Streamed
KYLE-TV Waco-Temple- 28.1 FOX Streamed


Victoria KUHT
KAVU-TV Victoria 25.4 ABC News Now LIVE

Wichita Falls-Lawton

KERA Dallas on local cable LIVE
KAUZ-TV Wichita Falls- 6.1 CBS Streamed