A poem by Dan Patrick (2014)

It was the day after Christmas
When all through the house
The kids were on the computer
Using their mouse

Mom in her kerchief
Was off to the store
Looking for bargains
She would find to be sure

With all the kids playing
And the gifts all unwrapped
I laid on the couch
To grab a quick nap

No dreams of sugar plums
did I have while I slept
Instead I dreamed Christmas bills
And my credit card debt

When out in the yard
There arose such a clatter
My neighbor was taking down his lights
When he fell off his ladder

Out the front door
I flew in a flash
Tripped over the dog
And had a great crash

I leaped to my feet
And what did I see
My neighbor laughing
And pointing at me

He whistled and shouted
And called me by name
Hey Patrick do you know
Who’s winning the game

And then in a twinkling
I heard such a crowd
My family had arrived
And boy were they loud

We had a great dinner
And shared lots of laughs
All telling favorite stories
Of Christmases long past

Christmas is for children
Some people say
But every person has the spirit
To share on this day

A spirit of kindness,
Of giving and more
It’s not about presents
Or Santa at the store

It’s about God’s love for us
And our fellow man
Of lifting them up
When they need a helping hand

It’s about a small baby
Born in a stall
Who came as a King
And died for us all

Christmas has a meaning
For each in their own way
Of faith, fun,and family
On a very special day

And as the evening ended
And it was time to say good bye
I hugged my family tightly
With a twinkle in my eye

Another Christmas was over
A New Year about to begin
I’m already counting the days
To when Christmas comes again

Their voices trailing off
As they drove out of sight
I shouted out one more time
Merry Christmas to all
And to all a good night!