In late August, I began my Texas bus tour with the goal to recognize, galvanize, and mobilize rural Texans to keep the Lone Star State red.

Here are some video highlights from all the amazing Texas towns I have stopped in.


The fun has only just begun…continue to check back for more updates from the road!


For my last dinner on this tour, we stopped at the Rock Inn in Seymour. I had the pleasure to meet some hardworking teenagers and although they can’t vote yet, they assured me they would register to vote when they turn 18! Shelly, the restaurant baker, made a lemon meringue pie special for me, I said it was so good it would have made my grandmother proud.

My evening event with the conservative members of Seymour had a great turnout and I enjoyed speaking with them.

The last stop on this North Texas tour was in Olney, where I wrapped up my evening. Another great tour under wraps!

As a huge cinema fan, I knew I had to stop at the Royal Theater in Archer City, the filming location for the 1971 film ‘The Last Picture Show.’ I soon got a craving for a banana split so I headed to the local Dairy Queen with the Sheriff and other law enforcement for a quick bite.

The sheriff told us about the site of the retired and historic D.S. Dudley Show in Mankins, so I had to take a look. From 1914 to the 1970s, this wild west circus show was the town’s main industry. 



After, my team and I were hungry so we headed to The Branding Iron in Wichita Falls for a delicious barbeque lunch. I sat down with several other lunch-goers and happened to meet two of the local golf pros.

If I know there is a car museum within a 50-mile radius, I always try to visit. P’s Crazy Car Museum had an exceptional collection, I was considering breaking my wife, Jan’s, rule about one classic car at a time but I held back. If you’re ever in Wichita Falls I highly recommend you give them a visit!

I then headed to my press conference at the Wichita Falls Museum of Arts at MSU Texas to speak to the local press and continue to spread my message and goal to recognize, galvanize, and mobilize rural Texans to vote in November and to vote RED!

Next, we headed to Henrietta to get out the vote and meet people within the Clay County Community.



After breakfast in Bowie, we headed to Nocona to visit the Nokona Baseball Glove Factory. WOW, was it cool! I had a Nokona glove growing up and it was so interesting to see how they are made, see the retro gloves from the early 1900s, and how they have changed their design over the years. I bought a new glove for myself, too!

To start off day 11, I made a stop at the famous Bowie Knife in Bowie!

At breakfast, there was a full house and I was able to greet everyone and shake their hand. Everywhere I go, I encourage people to get to the polls in November and tell their friends, family, and neighbors how important it is for rural Texas to show up and vote red.



In Decatur, I had a great dinner at Villa Grande Ranch and went table to table greeting all the patrons. They are excited to get to the polls and show the nation there will be no blue wave in Texas.

I ended the night at the Conference Center in Decatur to get the community energized for election season. Conservative policies ensure the Lone Star State remains strong and as we know, the world needs a strong America and America needs a strong Texas!

In Gainesville, I spoke to employees and town members at Safran Seats, who manufacture airline seats for nearly every airline, about the need to keep Texas red, my legislative priorities, and the values Texans hold dear to their hearts. I also got a tour of their factory, I love learning about the different products manufactured in Texas.



After lunch, the bus took me over to Sherman for my press conference. I love visiting old theaters in Texas and this one has been a part of their community since the 1930s. I spoke with local reporters and tried to hammer home my very important message that rural Texans are vital to keeping our state red and we need you all to get out and vote this November.

Next stop, a delicious barbeque lunch at a local gem, Hickory BBQ. I was able to have an intimate sit down with the County Sheriff, Mayor, City Planner, and several other vital members of the community.



Next, I headed to Greenville to speak and meet with local law enforcement, the Mayor, and fired-up conservatives. For the first time in my career, I had a Judge recess his court so I could meet him while I was in town.

We are now in the double digits for days on the road on my 131 city bus tour! We started the day in Sulphur Springs at Pioneer Cafe. We had a great turnout. I spoke to a lot of great folks who are excited for a red wave across Texas.



Our last stop of the day was in the iconic Paris, Texas. We stopped at Capizzi’s for a delicious meal. I had to travel all the way to Paris to enjoy a delicious Italian dinner! Sheriff Scott Cass and I took a photo under the Eiffel Tower, then I had a great conversation with the GOP members of Lamar County. It was another successful day on my bus tour.

After, we stopped in Red River County, in Clarksville. County Judge Williamson showed me the courthouse annex and introduced me to everyone.



Next, my team and I headed over to Texarkana for a press conference where I met with the County Judge, Appeals Court Justices, and Sheriff. I was lucky enough to get to tour the famous and historic Perot Theater shortly after. Constructed in 1924, this theater is a work of art and was named the most beautifully designed theatre in the state back in 2018.

Then, we made our way to Linden, Texas for lunch at Uncle Juan’s Mexican Restaurant, a local Tex-Mex favorite. It was a PACKED house. The people of Cass County are enthusiastic and adamant in their belief that Texas must remain red.

I got a kick out of this gentleman’s hat, which said, “Donkey Pox: The Disease Destroying America!”

While in Cass County, I was able to get a photo op with the oldest continually operating courthouse in the Lone Star State. A truly beautiful and important building.



Next, Senator Hughes and I stopped at Robroy Industries Raceway Division in Gilmer. I have been stopping at several different types of businesses across the state, and almost every business has been a leader in its field. Businesses come to Texas because we give them the tools to thrive economically.

I started day nine on the road at the popular breakfast spot, Jucy’s Hamburgers, in Marshall. I spoke with several excited county officials and precinct chairs who are looking forward to the elections in November. They reiterated how important it is to get everyone out to the polls this fall.



We stopped for dinner at Poor Daddy’s Smokehouse BBQ in Kermit for a meet and greet with the Winkler Co. GOP. It was another fantastic week out on the road!

Next, we stopped in Wink to explore the Roy Orbison Museum. Roy Orbison is my favorite musician and the proprietor let me try on his famous glasses — a memory I will never forget.



After lunch, we visited the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum for a press conference.

Following the tour, I got a Texas-sized welcome from the wonderful folks at The Legendary Barn Door in Odessa. You can always tell you’re in West Texas when the crowd cheers “yee-haw” after reciting the Texas pledge!

The woman pictured in the bottom left photo below asked for a picture but had an injured foot, so I got down on a knee for the photo op. When I did, she jokingly accepted “my proposal” – and I said, “I now pronounce you constituent and voter!”



After breakfast, we made our way to Andrews, Texas to tour The Kirby Company manufacturing facility. Jim Kirby created the first Kirby vacuum cleaner in 1906. They are 100 percent American-made. It was great to get a closer look at their production process and meet some of their fantastic employees, too.

I kicked off Wednesday morning at the Hotel Settles Grill in Big Spring, where I had breakfast with future Senator Kevin Sparks, and others. Hotel Settles is historic and greets guests with true Texas hospitality!



Our last stop was in Seminole at JNL Steel Components, Inc., where I met with the Gaines County GOP. An excellent end to an excellent day!

We stopped for an early dinner at Platinum H Steakhouse. Great conversation was had with some of the folks who came out to show their support. It was nice chatting with everyone.



Next, we went to the American Windmill Museum (AWM) in Lubbock. I held a brief press conference before I sat down with Ryan Chandler from KAMC Lubbock to talk about public education and school safety, the upcoming election, and more.

After the interview, I got a tour of the museum from Sandra Harris, the Executive Director of AWM. Her husband, Shelley, was named the TxDOT Employee of the Year this week, and after seeing some of his work at the museum firsthand, rightfully so! Shelley designed and engineered this entire train station – some photos below. I must say…I’ve never seen anything like it in my entire life.

Then we popped over to Cooks Garage for a private visit with the owners. We also ran into some supporters while walking around the place – it’s always nice to make some new friends!

For lunch, we went to 509 Restaurant in Levelland. The food was spectacular and the company was even better, the owner asked me to sign her wall and I happily obliged. This great group of men and women are energized to KEEP TEXAS RED and get people to the polls to vote Republican up and down the ballot!



Following breakfast, we headed over to Littlefield to tour the Continental Dairy Facilities Southwest. Their plant churns out a whopping 300 sticks of butter a minute! At the end of the tour, we got to taste some of their freshly made butter…it was wonderful!

After, we stopped at Waymore’s Liquor Store, owned by James Jennings, the last living brother of Waylon Jennings. The store is packed with all sorts of memorabilia. James and I had a wonderful conversation and even sang a couple of songs together! If you’re driving through Littlefield, you’ve got to stop at Waymore’s.

We started our 7th day on the road in Plainview with breakfast at a local favorite, Taqueria Jalisco. I spoke with a handful of locals and several law enforcement officers were able to join in on the fun, too.



We went to dinner at Dakota’s Steakhouse in Hereford, before heading to our final stop for a meet and greet with Deaf Smith Co. GOP. It was a long yet rewarding day on the road!

After the tour at Bell, we did some sightseeing at Palo Duro Canyon. The sweeping views did not disappoint. The canyon also has an amphitheater, which features seasonal performances on the history of Texas. There is certainly a reason for it being a top tourist attraction in the Lone Star State…another place I would recommend visiting if you get the chance.



Then we visited the Hodgetown Baseball Stadium – the home of the Amarillo Sod Poodles. I held a brief press conference before getting a private tour of the ballpark. It was great fun, I always enjoy traveling to the various sports stadiums across the Lone Star State.

We continued on to Bell Helicopter’s Textron Plant, where we got to see some of the cool things they are working on. It was fascinating to see the inner workings of a major helicopter company up close.

After lunch, we made our way to Groom, Texas to see The Cross of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It is the largest free-standing cross in the western hemisphere – clocking in at 19 stories high and weighing 2.5 million pounds – it is truly a sight to behold. If you haven’t had the chance to go see it in person, it is worth the trip.

In addition, there are beautiful statues of the 13 stations of the cross, the Last Supper, and of Calvary.



Next, I headed to Coney Island Cafe in Pampa to spread the message to keep Texas red and get people excited to get out and vote! The restaurant was packed…so I threw on a t-shirt and got to work alongside the staff, serving hot dogs and pie – Coney Island Cafe specialties – to some of the patrons!

I then stopped at Phillips 66’s Borger Refinery for an open conversation about the oil and gas industry in Texas – which is the lifeblood of both our country and state. If the Democrats are elected this November, it will be destroyed overnight. We cannot let that happen.

Legend has it that the “Phillips 66” name was coined when a car testing the fuel hit 66 miles per hour!



I had an early start on my 131-city bus tour Monday morning at Frida’s Burritos in Dumas, where I met with a full house of patrons, alongside Judge Rowdy Rhoades, Sheriff Morgan W. Hightower, Mayor Bob Brinkmann, and so many others. Future Texas Senator Kevin Sparks also joined us for breakfast and a ride on the bus afterward…it was a great start to the day.

I have visited 28 cities since I began my bus tour and the fun has only just begun. I am energized and excited to travel across the state to meet rural Texans and see their beautiful communities!

Watch my latest video to see all the amazing Texas towns I have stopped in.


I wrapped up the day with an event in Waco with Senator Birdwell. It’s been a great week!

I then spoke at a business lunch and later to a group of 100 or so retired teachers in Bell County. Our teachers are so important in the state of Texas and I have made it a priority to take care of them, even after they have retired.



I started off the next day in Belton, Texas. I gave a speech on leadership to the baseball team at the University of Mary Hardin-Baylor. Afterward, I took to the field for some infield ground balls at second and third, as well as some pitching. It’s been 50 years since I last pitched from the mound but I have to say, I still brought the heat. I’ll have some video on that later. UMHB is a great school and these young men are great leaders on and off the field.

We had an exceptional crowd at our final stop in Stephenville. I encouraged them to vote this November and to tell their friends, family, neighbors, everyone…to get out and VOTE RED!



After that, I stopped for a wonderful dinner at Star Beau’s. I had great conversation with Senator Birdwell, Comanche County Judge Stephanie Davis and Comanche Sheriff Chris Pounds. I also met a few patrons from the area.