Dan Patrick Scored Another Debate Victory Tonight

Dismisses aggressive attacks and stays focused on the important issues

HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator, and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor faced off against David Dewhurst tonight in a debate hosted by Houston Public Media and the Houston Chronicle.

Dan Patrick scored another debate victory tonight.  He successfully made his case on a variety of issues.  His delivery was articulate, and his answers concise.  He stated his positions on important public policy issues.

Dewhurst’s assault and personal attacks continued unabated throughout the debate.  From a rocky start, he never seems to connect with the audience.  His answers were halting and frequently disjointed.

“I felt good about tonight’s debate,” said Patrick.  “I had an opportunity to talk directly to voters about issues that matter deeply to me like life, faith, and family.  I laid out my plans to lead the state to secure the border, increase parental choice in education, pass campus carry, stop the EPA’s punitive treatment of the Texas energy industry, deliver meaningful property tax relief, and delivering free market solutions to the states water shortage.”

The candidate will face each other again in Dallas next week at a debate hosted by WFAA.  More information about the campaign is available at www.DanPatrick.org.