Dan Patrick Rolls Out Statewide Campaign Finance Leadership Team

Demonstrates Strength and Staying Power

 HOUSTON – Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, today rolled out his statewide campaign finance leadership team.

State Finance Chairman – Jim Lee, Houston

Dallas Team Leaders – Roy Bailey, Mike Gruber

Ft. Worth Team Leader – Howard Katz

Houston Team Leaders – Steve Hotze, MD, Steve Mach, Christopher Zook

San Antonio Team Leaders – Jim Leininger, MD, Mark Mays

West Texas Team Leaders – Tim Dunn, Kyle Stallings

“I am humbled by the outpouring of support our campaign is attracting.  I am honored that these gentlemen have stepped forward to join our team.  It’s an All-Star lineup,” exclaimed Dan Patrick.

“The collective impact of this group cannot be overstated,” said Allen Blakemore, the campaign’s lead strategist.  “This is a game changer.

“Individually and collectively this group has raised more money in support of conservative candidates for public office than any other.  When this team is assembled and working with a common purpose – there is no rival.

“One candidate in the race has demonstrated a willingness to spend tens of millions of his personal wealth in order to hold political office.  This Finance Team is equipped and prepared to ensure that Dan Patrick has the necessary funds to conduct a winning campaign.

“These gentlemen assess risk and pick winners in the marketplace every day with uncanny accuracy.  Likewise, their track record in politics is unsurpassed.  They have coalesced behind another winner in the Lieutenant Governor’s race.  That candidate is Dan Patrick,” Blakemore concluded.