Dan Patrick Releases New TV Ad Titled “Dewhurst Decade”

Denounces Dewhurst’s negative campaigning and delivers contrast on border security

AUSTIN – Authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor Senator Dan Patrick released his newest television ad titled “Dewhurst Decade”.  The ad condemns Dewhurst’s negative campaign tactics and dishonesty that the Austin American Statesman has called a “Pants on Fire lie”.  The ad goes on to contrast their positions on the problem of illegal immigration.

The ad is focused on the issue of border security and notes that under the “Dewhurst Decade” the Texas Senate enacted taxpayer funded benefits for illegal immigrants, including in-state tuition and free healthcare.  In closing, the ad outlines Dan Patrick’s focus on securing the border and lists several border sheriffs and law enforcement entities that support Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor.


Since being elected to the Texas Senate in 2007, Dan Patrick has worked to strengthen border security, prohibit sanctuary cities, and prevent illegal immigration.  Instead of supporting these efforts, David Dewhurst has only increased the incentives to illegal immigration.  As a result, Texas taxpayers are continually funding social benefits for illegal immigrants.

The ad began airing on Fox New this morning in 14 markets across Texas.






Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick21 hours ago
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Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick3 days ago
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