Dan Patrick releases new TV ad “This is Texas”

 Decries Dewhurst’s false attacks and contrasts record on property taxes

AUSTIN – Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released his newest television ad called “This is Texas”.  The ad calls out David Dewhurst for reverting to the personal attacks and negative campaign tactics he used against Ted Cruz in the 2012 US Senate race.  The ad goes on to highlight the fiscal policy differences between the two candidates.


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First, the ad outlines the 2013 budget that increased spending by 26% over last session.  David Dewhurst joined all the Democrat Senators who strongly supported the budget, while Dan led a group of four conservative senators who opposed the budget.  The dramatic increase in spending was characterized by the Wall Street Journal with the headline: “Texas Goes Sacramento”.

The ad goes on to feature Dan Patrick’s policy goals of lowering burdensome property taxes for all Texans.  As Texans receive their new property tax appraisals, Dan Patrick’s ad assures them that help is on the way in the upcoming session.

As a member of the Texas Senate, Dan Patrick has advanced several approaches to lowering property taxes.  Legislation to lower the appraisal cap on homesteads, as well as establishing new appraisal caps on business property, made little progress in the Senate.  However, legislation that reformed the roll back rate process, as well as lowering the revenue cap on local government, passed out of committee but died on the Senate floor.  Dan Patrick has also passed several bills that improve the appraisal process.

“Texas voters are struggling with ever increasing property tax burdens and need to know that we are going to address it this session,” said Dan Patrick.  “As Lieutenant Governor, I will make lowering property taxes in Texas my priority.”


“This is Texas” White Paper

David Dewhurst is using false personal attacks to hide from his record.  The Austin American-Statesman recently rated David Dewhurst’s attack, “pants on fire,” calling it both incorrect and ridiculous” (Gardner Selby, “David Dewhurst lofts ridiculous unsupported claim,” Austin American-Statesman, 04/16/2014).  While Dewhurst launches personal attacks, Dan Patrick is focused on the issues important to Texans, such as reducing spending and cutting property taxes.

The 2013 budget passed under Dewhurst’s leadership was a 26 percent increase over the previous budget.  The Wall Street Journal criticized the 2013 budget in an article titled “Texas Goes Sacramento” warning that Texas shouldn’t follow the example of California and citing a Texas Public Policy Foundation study that showed a 26 percent increase in spending from 2011 to 2013 (Staff, “Texas Goes Sacramento,” Wall Street Journal, 06/07/2013).   Dan Patrick was one of only four conservative Senators to oppose the budget; every Senate Democrat voted in favor (83-R: SB 1).

Dan Patrick will fight to cut spending and reduce property tax burdens.  As Senator, Dan Patrick has authored legislation to reduce property taxes for Texas families and businesses.  In 2013, Dan Patrick authored Senate Joint Resolution 14 to limit appraisals on Texas business property.  And he authored Senate Joint Resolution 15 to reduce appraisals for homeowners.