Dan Patrick releases new TV ad “Secure the Border”

Contrasts Dan Patrick’s strong record on border security with his opponents

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor released his newest television ad called “Secure the Border”. The ad features Senator Patrick’s strong record of fighting illegal immigration while informing voters of his opponent’s failure to address the growing problem.

The Wickers Group, a nationally known political media firm, produced the ad for the campaign.  The ad begins airing in major media markets across Texas today.



Click to play: https://youtu.be/JpZSdGwSTYo

Since arriving in the Texas Senate in 2007, Dan Patrick has authored and sponsored countless bills to secure the border while his opponents have only contributed to the problem.  Dan’s bills included requiring e-verify of employers, punishing coyotes that smuggle people across the border, repealing in-state tuition for illegal immigrants as well as prohibiting sanctuary cities.  A complete listing of Dan’s immigration record can be found at danpatrick.org/dan-patrick-border-champion/.

In stark contrast, David Dewhurst has expanded in-state tuition for illegal immigrants.  Todd Staples voted for bills that allowed illegal immigrants to get driver’s licenses, receive in-state tuition and free non-emergency healthcare.  Finally, Jerry Patterson has worked tirelessly to champion a guest worker program that amounts to amnesty.

Texas voters are very concerned about the impact of illegal immigration on their personal safety as well as the Texas economy.  Dan Patrick will make securing the border a priority and will repeal the social enticements that draw them to Texas.


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