Dan Patrick releases new TV ad “Christian Leader”

 Highlights his Christian conservative record and values

AUSTIN – Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released his newest television ad called “Christian Leader”. The ad features Senator Patrick’s strong record as a Christian conservative leader in the Texas Senate.  The ad is running in major markets in Texas on Fox News and will go on broadcast soon.



Dan Patrick has been a strong Christian conservative leader in the Texas Senate. His first bill to pass into law required the creed “In God We Trust” to be permanently placed in the Senate chamber. He also worked to add the phrase “under God” into the Texas pledge. His faith also led him to pass the nation’s toughest Sonogram Bill that protects women and the unborn from coerced abortions.

He also worked with prison ministry leaders to create the first prison seminary in Texas. Currently, over 100 men at the Darrington Penitentiary have been accepted into the four year program that works to place seminary graduates back into the prison population for ministry.






Dan Patrick
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188 years ago, Texan forces, led by General Sam Houston, achieved a decisive victory over Mexican troops in the Battle of San Jacinto. This battle marked a pivotal moment in Texas history, securing our independence from Mexico. Join me this San Jacinto Day in remembering the bravery and sacrifices of those who fought for freedom. God bless Texas!
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Dan Patrick
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At the Texas HomeSchool Conventions with Brent Hagenbuch.

President Trump, Gov. Abbott, Sid Miller, Senators Bob Hall, Phil King, Tan Parker, and many others support Brent for our open Senate seat in SD 30. Current Senator Drew Springer retired and is supporting Brent as well.

Be sure to vote for Brent HagenbuchTX, Naval Academy grad, three tours overseas, businessman, Christian conservative, MAGA supporter for SD 30.