Dan Patrick releases new TV ad “This is America”

Highlights his record of leadership defending Second Amendment rights


AUSTIN – Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor released his newest television ad called “This is America”. The ad features Senator Patrick’s strong record of leadership defending Texans’ Second Amendment rights.  The ad is running in major markets in Texas on Fox News.

The Wickers Group, a nationally known political media firm, produced the ad for the campaign.  It is the third ad the campaign has aired since their ad campaign began on October 7, 2013.

Dan Patrick has been a leading champion for the Second Amendment in the Texas Senate and has passed or helped pass seven pro-gun bills.  He successfully joint authored the Castle Doctrine, SB378 (80-R), extending Texans’ rights to use deadly force for means of self-defense, without retreat, in their home, vehicle or workplace.

For the last three sessions, Dan Patrick was a joint author of Campus Carry, to allow the carrying of concealed handguns on the campuses of institutions of higher education: SB1164 (81-R), SB354 (82-R), SB182 (83-R).

In the 82nd Regular Session, Patrick successfully sponsored Carry in Watercrafts, HB25 (82-R), allowing carrying of a weapon in a watercraft that is owned or controlled by the person carrying the weapon.

Senator Patrick was a successful co-author of a Parking Lot Bill SB321 (82-R), protecting the right of employees to possess a handgun in their car at work.

In the 2013 session, Senator Patrick passed HB48 (83-R) to lower regulatory requirements on CHL renewals, HB3370 (83-R) expanding the right of retired law enforcement officers to carry and co-authored SB1907 (83-R) which prohibits universities from banning CHL holders from lawfully storing handguns in their vehicles on campus.

Dan Patrick’s record of defending the Second Amendment and protecting the rights of law abiding citizens to use firearms for hunting, sporting, personal protection and self-defense is unassailable.




Ad Script – “This is America”

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Dan Patrick:











He’s become a leading national voice defending our Second Amendment rights and fighting Obama’s attacks on Texas gun owners.


Dan Patrick.


This is America and our Constitution gives us the right to bear arms. This is not Tokyo, this is not Finland…This is the United States of America…And in America, where law-abiding citizens have guns, crime is down.


Fight Obama. Defend our Second Amendment rights. Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor.









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