Dan Patrick Releases New Ad Co-Staring Dewhurst’s Kitchen Sink

Responds to Dewhurst’s attacks and focuses on his neglect for conservative agenda

AUSTIN – Today, Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lt. Governor, released a new television ad titled, “Kitchen Sink”.  The ad rebukes David Dewhurst’s negative campaign tactics that have become his signature since his failed race against Ted Cruz.

“David Dewhurst has thrown everything at me except the kitchen sink,” says Patrick, who expertly fields an incoming sink from off-camera and continues, “I knew it was coming.”  Patrick goes on to state that David Dewhurst’s attacks are outrageous and untrue and have been characterized as such by the press.

The ad quickly shifts to outlining David Dewhurst’s soft immigration record that includes expanding benefits for those here illegally.  In 2003, David Dewhurst presided over the passage of Senate Bill 309 (78-R) authorizing hospitals to provide non-emergency care for illegal immigrants using local taxpayer funds.  Attorney General John Cornyn had previously banned the practice as illegal in 2001.

The bill that expanded in-state tuition to illegal immigrants passed in 2005 as Senate Bill 1528 (79-R).  This bill expanded the in-state tuition program by changing the residency definitions.  The bill allowed residency to be determined by the student’s status, rather than their parents’ status, and it only required students to live in the state for 1 year prior to enrollment to establish residency.

The ad also points to Dewhurst’s reduction in spending on border security.  The 2014-2015 budget reduces spending in the Department of Public Safety’s


Border Security, Organized Crime and Local Border Security strategies.  The ad concludes with Dan Patrick stating that as the next Lt. Governor, he will focus on Texans’ top priorities: securing the border, ending taxpayer funded benefits for illegal immigrants and lowering property taxes.

This ad, produced by the Wickers Group, begins airing today on network and cable TV in markets across Texas.