Dan Patrick Receives Endorsement of Texans for Fiscal Responsibility

Patrick’s Patriots drawing grassroots support from across Texas.

Endorse Dan Patrick!

HOUSTON – The Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor campaign picked up a major endorsement from conservative grassroots organization, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.

“Texans for Fiscal Responsibility enthusiastically endorses Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor. In Dan Patrick, Texans will have a proven taxpayer champion who has established a clear record of working to advance the conservative fiscal policies that protect taxpayers and enhance prosperity in the Lone Star State.

During his tenure in the Senate, Mr. Patrick has consistently been one of the top-rated lawmakers on the Fiscal Responsibility Index. He has established a record of advocating for practical, reform-minded policies supported by Texans, even if opposed by the special interests in Austin.

For example, 94 percent of Republican primary voters said on their May 2012 ballot that they wanted strict, constitutional spending limits enacted. While the House refused to consider the measure, Mr. Patrick successfully authored and moved legislation doing just that out of Senate Finance.

Similarly, Mr. Patrick has been at the forefront of fights to reform the state’s out-of-control property taxes and business tax schemes. Meanwhile, he has kept a tight focus on the need for substantive spending reform, especially in education, to ensure tax dollars are well spent for their intended purposes,” Michael Quinn Sullivan, President, Texans for Fiscal Responsibility.


Grassroots leaders from all over the state continue to join Patrick’s Patriots:

Denton County:
Carol Ann Preston – Precinct #2004 Chair
Jack Faegre – Precinct #4003 Chair

Collin County:
John Antal – Retired Army Colonel

Tarrant County:
Anne Gebhart – Precinct #3157 Chair & Heart of Texas, Regional Director*

Dallas County:
Larry Wainer – Precinct #2036 Chair
Caron Hill – Precinct #2050 Chair
Harris County:
Carl Russell – Precinct #383 Chair
Anthony Meyer – Precinct #523 Chair
Clif Edwards – Precinct #553 Chair
Amy Powell – Precinct #641 Chair
Jim McDonald – Precinct #654 Chair
Mike Bristow – Precinct #881 Chair
Cathy O’Brien – Harris County Republican Party, Secretary*
Gayle Fuller – Harris County Emergency Services District No. 7*
Bobbi Robinson – Daughters of Liberty, Board Member*
Peg Harman
Brent Haynes
Janyce Denton
David Postma

Fort Bend County:
Sue Chiang

Bexar County:
Justin Horsman – Texas Home School Coalition, Advisory Committee Member*
Robert Castaneda – Precinct #1051 Chair
Loren Doug Mitchell – Precinct #3101 Chair
Laura Stewart – Precinct #3112 Chair

Kendal County:
Lorrie Agold-Rich – Conservative Grassroots Leader

Travis County:
Donna Harp – Precinct #222 Chair & Texas Home School Coalition, Board of Directors*

Bastrop County:
Mary James – Smoothing The Way, Founder*

Smith County:
Sharon Guthrie – Precinct #71 Chair