Dan Patrick Receives Endorsement From Gun Owners Of America-Political Victory Fund

AUSTIN – Today, Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lt. Governor, received the endorsement of national Second Amendment advocacy group Gun Owners of America-Political Victory Fund.

“Gun Owners of America-Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor of Texas. Dan has been a strong advocate for Second Amendment rights as a state senator. His work on campus carry, firearms freedom legislation and working to lower regulatory burdens on concealed handgun licenses makes him the best candidate for Lt. Governor. We look forward to working with him as the next Lt. Governor of Texas.”


Tim Macy, Vice Chairman of Gun Owners of America

“I am grateful for the support from Gun Owners of America and commit to making the state of Texas a national leader in the free exercise of our constitutionally protected gun-rights,” said Dan Patrick. “As Lt. Governor, I will ensure that measures like campus carry and firearms freedom legislation that resist federal intrusion into Texas will not continue to languish in the Texas Senate.”





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