Dan Patrick Rebukes Dewhurst’s Desperate Campaign Tactics

Points to Dewhurst’s soft immigration record as motivation for new leadership

AUSTIN – Today, Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lt. Governor, released a new television ad titled, “There You Go Again”.  The ad rebukes David Dewhurst’s negative campaign tactics that he has become known for in his failed race with Senator Ted Cruz and now against Dan Patrick.

“When David Dewhurst is desperate, he spends his vast fortune personally attacking his opponents with lies,” says Patrick.  “We have seen it before.”  Former President Ronald Reagan cuts in with his famous rebuke, “There you go again.”  The ad quickly shifts to outlining David Dewhurst’s soft immigration record that includes expanding benefits for those here illegally.  Among those highlighted is one bill that expanded the program that gives in-state tuition to illegal immigrants and another bill that gave free healthcare to illegal immigrants.



The ad concludes with Dan Patrick stating that as the next Lt. Governor, he will focus on Texans’ top priorities: securing the border and lowering property taxes.

The ad includes on-screen citations and the campaign also released a separate white paper with back-up documentation for items listed in the ad (https://bit.ly/1ie8PjH).

This ad, produced by the Wickers Group, is airing on network TV and Fox News stations statewide.






Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick22 hours ago
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Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick3 days ago
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