Dan Patrick Pushes Back Against Property Tax Grab

Attorney General responds to opinion request preventing property tax increase

AUSTIN – Today, Attorney General Greg Abbott responded to a request for an opinion from Senator Dan Patrick on whether a petition to increase Harris County property taxes could proceed.  The opinion, GA-1047, confirmed the argument of Senator Patrick and other Harris County leaders that the petition could not move forward.

The Attorney General Opinion stated in conclusion:

A court would likely conclude that section 11.301 and former chapter 18 of the Education Code do not authorize a countywide school district to hold a petition-initiated election to increase the county equalization tax.

“I am happy to stand with local grassroots and elected leaders against this backdoor attempt to raise property taxes,” said Patrick.  “Property taxes are already too burdensome for Texans. As Lt. Governor, I will continue to look to improve efficiencies and place more of our current tax-dollars in the classroom.”





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