Dan Patrick Proudly Announces Endorsement by Home School PAC

Adds over 100 new grassroots endorsements from across the state bringing total to nearly 200.

AUSTIN—In only three months of campaigning for Lieutenant Governor, Dan Patrick is proud to announce that his endorsements are growing in number and come from all over the state. His endorsements include Tea Party and grassroots leaders, precinct chairs, pastors, coaches, and even an astronaut. They represent a broad swath of conservative voters in Texas. The full list of Patrick’s Patriots can be found at danpatrick.org/dans-endorsements.

“Senator Patrick has been a longtime friend and defender of home schooling and parental rights in Texas. He was a key ally during the most recent Legislative Session, and we watched him come through for conservatives time and again on a wide range of issues. Senator Patrick’s strong conservative record is a clear indicator of how he will serve in the office of Lieutenant Governor, and we are proud to stand with him in his efforts to defend our God given freedom.” Tim Lambert, Chairman, Texas Home School Coalition PAC

“At first, I was reluctant to take a look at the Lt. Governor’s race because I feared it would be difficult to determine who to support. I was wrong. Once I started evaluating each candidate, the choice became crystal clear. Dan Patrick has an authentic conservative record. He doesn’t wake up wondering who he is or what he stands for every morning. Not only that, Dan has the solid backing of conservative leaders from across the state that I respect. With a crowded field, it’s important for us to all get behind one person and move full steam ahead. I hope you’ll join me in supporting Dan Patrick for Texas Lt. Governor!” Julie McCarty, NE Tarrant TEA Party, President*

“Integrity, leadership, common sense. A godly man of his word with the strength to stand for what is right and not what is politically correct. A man willing to go against the grain for justice and to protect the State of Texas and her people. These are the qualities I have found in Sen. Dan Patrick. It is not often that such a man steps forward–one who has not been “bought out” and who chooses not to go-along with the status quo. One of the most important powers of the Lt. Governor is the assignment of committees, and currently half of the Democrats in the Texas Senate are chairmen while good conservative Republicans remain on the bench. As Lt. Governor, Dan Patrick will change that and stop the practice of conservative legislation dying in the committees because they are chaired by liberal Democrats. There are many tough battles ahead and we cannot allow our values and principles to be compromised. I encourage you to research Dan Patrick and compare him to the other candidates. You will see what I see: a strong Conservative with strong principles. Dan has my vote and I ask that you give him yours!” Connie Curry, Conservative Grassroots Leader (Lubbock County)

“It has been my privilege to work with Senator Patrick over the past eight years on legislation in Austin designed to benefit the educational growth and development of Texas students. I know Senator Patrick to be a man of integrity, choosing right over wrong, ethics over convenience and truth over popularity.” Pastor John Hagee, Senior Pastor of Cornerstone Church*

“I’m honored to endorse Dan Patrick for Texas Lieutenant Governor. Dan Patrick is a courageous pro-life, pro-family leader who is battle-tested. In a time when our values are being threatened like never before, it’s Dan Patrick who time and again stands up for what’s right. His commitment to and steadfast defense of religious liberty and family values make him the best choice and I give him my full personal endorsement.” Jonathan Saenz, President, Texas Values*

“Dot and I are proud to endorse Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor of Texas. We have enjoyed knowing Dan as a friend, a business associate and for a number of years, as a public servant. He will bring the same integrity, moral character, and fairness he has displayed over the years to vigorously fighting for border security, tax reform and less government for all Texans. Please join us as we take a stand to support him and his conservative leadership.” Walter & Dot Cunningham, Apollo 7 Astronaut and his wife

“Senator Dan Patrick has been consistently ranked as the leading conservative in the Texas Senate by conservative organizations. Based on his conservative voting record, we believe Dan Patrick would be an outstanding choice for Lt. Governor of Texas. As Lt. Governor, we believe Dan Patrick will listen to the peoples’ concerns about education and public school curriculum, border security, voter integrity, jobs, highways, the criminal justice system, and any God-given-Constitutionally-protected rights of the citizens. We believe Senator Patrick shares our belief that elected officials have a duty to protect the taxpayers’ interests and to spend tax money wisely, only for projects which are allowed by the Texas Constitution. We are very happy to recommend Senator Dan Patrick for your consideration as our next Lt. Governor of Texas.” Mary Lou & Anthony Bruner, Precinct #17 Chair & Grassroots America, We The People* (Smith County)
Cecilia Wood – Concerned Women for America, Legislative Director* (Travis County)

*Organization Listed for Identification Purposes Only