Dan Patrick and Mayor Julian Castro Agree to Debate Border Security

HOUSTON – Yesterday, Julian Castro, Mayor of San Antonio and Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor had an exchange on Twitter:

Mayor Julián Castro@JulianCastro:

“Congratulations @DanPatrick, you are the most anti-immigrant Republican running for state office.”

Dan Patrick ‏@DanPatrick:

@juliancastro yes, I am proud to wear the badge of securing our border bc your buddy Obama created this illegal invasion

@juliancastro talk is cheap mayor, if you want to debate this in San Antonio, tell me when and I’ll be there.

Mayor Julián Castro@JulianCastro:

Let’s do that, ‪@DanPatrick . How about it, ‪@evansmith ?

Dan Patrick ‏@DanPatrick

@JulianCastro challenge accepted. Willing to fight you for the future of Texas.

“Although I appreciated Julian Castro, Obama’s handpicked acolyte, recognizing that I was the toughest candidate on border security running for state office,” said Patrick.  “I didn’t want to lose the opportunity to engage him in a more thoughtful debate on the critical issue of border security.”

After about 24 hours, Mayor Castro accepted the challenge of a debate and the details are already being worked out.

“I look forward to meeting Julian Castro in the public arena and debating the importance of border security and stopping the flow of illegal immigration in our state,” said Patrick.  “This debate isn’t just about the future of Texas, it is a fight for the future of Texas.”






Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick1 day ago
ICYMI: I released 57 interim charges that reflect issues that Texans have asked us to study. Our 31 senators submitted hundreds of ideas, with many senators sharing similar proposals. My staff and I worked diligently for weeks to review each request, and this is the first set of interim charges I am releasing in preparation for the 89th Legislature. We may release a second shorter list of additional charges before next session.

You can read more about them here: https://bit.ly/4aBGpyd; and here is a list of all 57 charges for the Senate: https://bit.ly/3U2vBC6.
Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick3 days ago
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Dan Patrick
Dan Patrick4 days ago