Dan Patrick Makes Statement on LBB Border Operations Funding

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas Lieutenant Governor – Elect, makes the following statement regarding the Legislative Budget Board’s action today, regarding border funding operations:

Today the Senate members of the Legislative Budget Board voted 5-0 to expand funding for DPS border operations to continue through the end of the current fiscal year, which ends in August 2015. However, funding for the National Guard was only extended through March of 2015.

“While the expansion of the Department of Public Safety border operation funding is welcomed, the Legislative Budget Board should have extended funding for the National Guard through the end of the fiscal year in August,” said Patrick. “Having the appropriate funds until August would give the next legislature adequate time to provide funding for the next budget without running out of funds in March. I understand the vote today was the only option the Senators had at this time. A no vote would have ended funding immediately for the National Guard.

“Border security is a top priority for me. We should not be cutting back on funding for the National Guard at this critical time. I will address this issue immediately upon taking office in late January so we can keep the National Guard on the border,” concluded Patrick.