Dan Patrick is On the Air

Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Dan Patrick is On the Air
Statewide TV Ad Campaign Has Begun

HOUSTON TX – Texas Lieutenant Governor and conservative Republican candidate for re-election, Dan Patrick, released the following statement:

“As I continue to campaign across the state on our bus tour, we have launched our TV ad campaign this week. As of yesterday, our opening ad is on the air across Texas.

“Rising crime and public safety are a major concern as I talk to voters in every part of the state, it is the subject of our first ad.”

Click to play: danpatrick.org/tv30

The ad script is:
Texans are fed up with violent crime and sky-rocketing murder rates. To stop it, I will pass legislation next session to add a ten-year, mandatory jail sentence to anyone convicted of using a gun while committing a crime. As for judges and DA’s who release violent criminals, and choose not to enforce Texas laws, we need to remove them from office. We cannot let Democrats turn Texas into California. I’m Lt. Governor Dan Patrick and I ask for your vote.

To download a pdf version of this press release, click here.





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