Dan Patrick Endorsed By Grassroots America-We The People

Receives Unanimous Endorsement from Major East Texas TEA party

HOUSTON– Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lt. Governor, received a major endorsement from Grassroots America-We the People.  Grassroots America’s Executive Director JoAnn Fleming issued the organization’s first endorsement for the March 4th primary election and stated, “After a careful and thorough review of the Republican candidates for Lt. Governor, the Grassroots America Board of Directors strongly endorses Dan Patrick.  He has earned our board’s unanimous support.”

Fleming said, “Our country needs a strong Texas, ready to lead the way as the federal government spends more, taxes more, borrows more, regulates more, and strays further and further away from the US Constitution.  Therefore, it is a matter of utmost urgency that we elect courageous state leaders who will actively work for – not just talk about – limited government, the rule of law, economic liberty for all, and driving special corporate interests out of the Capitol.

Fleming concludes, “Dan Patrick is a hard-working, prepared, proven leader who shows up on the front lines of a battle for principle and is never afraid to stand up and speak up.  Texas desperately needs the courage, strong work ethic, smart thinking, and problem-solving abilities Dan Patrick will bring to the Office of Lieutenant Governor and the Texas Senate.  We heartily endorse him.”

“As founder and chairman of the TEA Party Caucus, I have spent countless hours with Joann Fleming and the TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee,” said Patrick.  “Joann and Grassroots America are true conservative leaders in Texas and I am very grateful that they are standing with me as an authentic conservative.”

Grassroots America, founded in 2009, is the largest TEA party organization in East Texas and has gained statewide influence.  Its Executive Director – JoAnn Fleming – is the two-term chairman of the Texas Legislature’s TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee and is currently on tour with the Life, Liberty & Property Tour, featuring leaders of statewide organizations.