Dan Patrick Closes Out Debates With A Solid Victory Over Dewhurst

Calls out Dewhurst for nasty campaign and makes case for new conservative leadership

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, the authentic conservative candidate for Lt. Governor, made the most of the last televised debate with David Dewhurst, chalking up another solid victory.

When David Dewhurst was challenged to explain his false and negative campaign tactics, he was even more tongue tied than usual.  Dan Patrick repeatedly turned the discussion back to Dewhurst’s failed leadership record, highlighting Dewhurst’s frequent absence from the Senate floor during Session, and his abandonment of the Senate to dine with his political consultant while the Senate debated significant pro-life legislation

Remaining focused on the issues, Dan Patrick stated that as Lieutenant Governor he would secure the border and pass meaningful property tax relief before agreeing to a final budget.

David Dewhurst surrendered the public policy debate and resorted to lobbing insults.

“The David Dewhurst campaign is quickly on their way to losing their fourth consecutive election on May 27th as Texans have grown increasingly tired of Dewhurst’s negative campaign tactics,” said senior campaign strategist Allen Blakemore. “The conservative grassroots is excited to have one of their own running for Lieutenant Governor, and Dan Patrick will finally achieve the conservative agenda they have been fighting for.”





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