Dan Patrick Clears the Air on Legislation to Prevent Common Core

Joins House Author Dan Huberty To Address Misrepresentations By David Dewhurst

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator, Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, stepped forward to address recent distortions of his legislative work to prevent the implementation of Common Core in Texas.  Dan Huberty, the House author of the legislation, also spoke to clarify the record.

During the 83rd Legislative Session, Representative Dan Huberty authored HB 462 and Dan Patrick was the Senate sponsor of the legislation.  The intent and effect of the bill is to prevent the adoption of national curriculum standards developed by the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

“HB 462 (83R) prohibits entities at the state and local level from adopting the Common Core State Standards and empowers parents and local school boards to ensure that only Texas standards are taught to Texas students,” said Rep. Dan Huberty.  “Any assertions to the contrary are false.  I know the effect of the bill and I was proud to be standing on the Senate floor when final passage occurred.”

“It was only through the determined efforts of Senator Patrick that HB 462 (83R) passed the Texas Senate,” Rep. Huberty concluded.

“The Texas State Board of Education is a leader among states on the development of state education standards and this bill defends their authority as well as our state’s sovereignty,” said Patrick.