Dan Patrick Is The Only Candidate For Lt. Governor To Oppose In-State Tuition For Illegal Aliens

Talk Is Cheap And Some Politicians Are Prone To Campaign Trail Conversions

 HOUSTON – On Monday, Senator Dan Patrick released a campaign ad titled “Fight” that highlighted the distinct differences between the four candidates for Lt. Governor on the issue of in-state tuition.

In the ad, Dan Patrick says he is the only candidate to oppose in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. A footnote in the ad specifically shows that Dan coauthored a floor amendment to SB 1581 in 2011 that would have abolished in-state tuition.

The ad is focused on the record of the each of the candidates versus the lip service they are paying to the issue today. In contrast to Dan Patrick filing a bill in 2009 and coauthoring a floor amendment in 2011, the other candidates have done nothing or supported it in the past.

“The ad has left Patrick’s opponents squealing. They beg voters to ignore their past record and only listen to their campaign trail rhetoric. Talk is cheap. Voters are looking for leaders who act, not politicians who talk,” said Allen Blakemore, campaign strategist.

“Staples, Patterson, and Dewhurst are all talk and no action on dealing with in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. In fact, Staples voted for it and Patterson wants to give illegal immigrants ‘lawful status where in-state tuition for illegals wouldn’t be a problem’. Finally, David Dewhurst has watched from his perch in the Texas Senate while legislative efforts to address this have died.

“The record is clear and well documented – Dan Patrick is the only candidate for Lt. Gov. who has taken action to oppose in state tuition for illegal immigrants. Voters want someone who has a proven record of working on the issues they care about, and Dan is their candidate,” Blakemore concluded.