Dan Patrick Calls on Dewhurst to Let the Senate Work

Finance Committee has no chairman and Education Committee has no charges


HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lt. Governor, called on Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst to let the Senate begin their work by appointing a Chairman of Finance and giving the Education Committee its interim charges.

Former Senator Tommy Williams made his resignation known on October 25, 2013 but it was widely known as early as October 2.  Now, over three months later, Lieutenant Governor Dewhurst has still failed to act and appoint a new Finance Committee Chairman, preventing the Committee from meeting.

“The Finance Committee conducts important business during the interim.  Their work is critical in the Texas Senate and at this point, we have not met and we don’t even have a chairman,” said Patrick.  “The Finance Committee needs a chairman.  Three months ago, I called on the Lieutenant Governor to appoint Senator Jane Nelson as Chairman.  His inaction and inattention to this important Senate business is disappointing.

“Senator Jane Nelson is a proven conservative leader with substantial experience in the Senate.  The Texas Senate needs her leadership and history is ready for the first female Finance Chairwoman,” said Patrick.

The Education Committee, currently chaired by Senator Patrick, is also without interim charges despite Patrick submitting his recommendations to the Lt. Governor in September.

“We made dramatic reforms to public education this last session.  We need to monitor how those changes are being implemented and how they are affecting our students,” Patrick concluded.






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