Dan Patrick Has Become Target Of Democrat Leaders In Texas

Democrats are clearly worried about an authentic conservative in Lt. Governor’s office.

HOUSTON– Democrats don’t normally inject themselves into Republican primaries but they are clearly worried as authentic conservative Dan Patrick builds overwhelming grassroots support.

Recently, the Mayor of Houston, Annise Parker, was asked about Dan Patrick’s opposition to the Mayor’s marriage in California.  After news of her wedding broke, Patrick released a statement saying:

“I am not shocked that Mayor Parker decided to elope to California for a marriage that is unconstitutional in Texas.  This is obviously a larger strategy of hers to turn Texas into California.  She waited until after her November election to decree that the City of Houston will recognize same-sex marriage from other states.  The state of Texas defines marriage as between one man and one woman and Mayor Parker cannot change that.  I fully support the lawsuit challenging Parker’s edict and look forward to protecting values as the next Lt. Governor.”

The Mayor didn’t appreciate being called out for gaming the system and issued a snarky:

“He doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And I don’t think that’s unusual.”

Yesterday, San Antonio Mayor, Julian Castro, decided to take a swipe at Dan Patrick by tweeting:

“Congratulations @danpatrick You are the most anti-immigrant Republican running for statewide office. You are the Pete Wilson of Texas.”

Dan was quick to respond:

“Yes, I am proud to wear the badge of securing our border bc your buddy Obama created this illegal invasion.”

This was quickly followed by:

“Talk is cheap mayor, if you want to debate this in San Antonio, tell me when and I’ll be there.”

“The Democrat leadership of Texas is clearly concerned that an authentic conservative will win the Lt. Governor’s office and govern as a conservative by defending the constitutional definition of marriage and accomplishing real border security,” said Patrick.