Concerned Women for America CEO Penny Nance Rebukes David Dewhurst

Endorses Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor of Texas

AUSTIN – “Campaigning is a tough business, especially in Texas, but in my 20 years of experience this is the nastiest thing I have ever witnessed and trust me that’s saying a lot. David Dewhurst has gone too far. Releasing your opponents’ medical records, even through a surrogate, is wrong and unworthy of the Lt. Governor’s office. Public service is a high calling that demands high character and sadly, David Dewhurst has fallen below that standard.

“Many of us have personal experience with family members who have struggled. My mom had a similar experience around the same time frame, thirty years ago and due to treatment was able to return home and be my mom again. I share that with her permission in order to give hope to others.

“Dan Patrick’s story is one of triumph too and also a tribute to good medical care in a tough time. What the Dewhurst campaign has allowed to happen is beyond reckless because it suggests to people in need of care that their privacy may not be respected. That is dangerous message.

“I am proud that Concerned Women for America State Director, Michelle Smith, has given Dan Patrick her personal support and the CWA-Legislative Action Committee has officially endorsed as well. The character and values by which he has served in the Texas Senate and run his campaign is what Texas voters demand and deserve.

“Due to these recent attacks, and because of Dan Patrick’s conservative, pro-family record, I have decided to lend my personal support to Dan Patrick as well.”

Penny Nance, CEO and President of Concerned Women for America*

*Organization listed for informational purposes only