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Harris County Elections Were a Disaster

Editorial by Lt. Governor Dan Patrick Harris County Elections Department is either incompetent, criminal, or both. Democrats criticize Republicans for questioning election results. They themselves question the results from the 2016 election that Hillary Clinton lost and the loss Stacey Abrams endured the first time she ran for governor, but they don’t seem to care that […]

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The People of Texas Have Spoken

Thank YOU, Texas! Last week’s victory was sweet! The Democrats once again tried turning Texas into California and voters responded with a resounding NO. It was confirmation of the work we have done to keep Texas a leader in America, and an affirmation of our plans to keep Texas a beacon of freedom and liberty […]

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Vote! Vote! Vote!

TODAY IS ELECTION DAY Polling places are open from 7AM–7PM statewide Democrats want Texas to become as liberal as California. They’re determined to undo all of our progress. We can’t let that happen. TODAY IS ELECTION DAY. MAKE YOUR VOICE HEARD AND GO VOTE! Voting hours are 7AM–7PM at all polling places statewide. Grab a […]

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Let’s Go Astros! 🏆 🎉

Earlier today, I had the honor of participating in the Houston Astros’ victory parade. It was great to celebrate the World Series Champions with the city of Houston…fans flooded the streets to cheer them on! I’ve been going to Astros games with my family for over 30 years. It was an incredible World Series. Once […]

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🚨 Tomorrow Is Election Day 🚨

Jan and my prayers go out to the Texas communities hit by Friday’s tornado and severe storms. Caviness, Powderly, Hopewell and other communities in Lamar County, Texas were hit especially hard. I was in Lamar County just a few weeks ago on my bus tour. I talked to county officials over the weekend to get […]

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The future of our country is on the ballot…GO VOTE!

THIS IS THE LAST WEEK OF EARLY VOTING! Election Day is November 8th. The future of our country is on the ballot this November. It’s going to take every single grassroots conservative doing their part to help us win big on November 8th and stop the radical left. YOU NEED TO VOTE TO KEEP TEXAS […]

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Another Day of Early Voting…Have You Voted Yet?

I am traveling across Texas to recognize, galvanize, and mobilize rural Texans across the state to vote RED! I started my morning at the Moosehead Cafe in Crockett to rally the community to get out and vote! A lot of great people were there and the decor in the place was fantastic! Then, I made my way […]

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