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The Fastest Growing Community in Texas

The Colony Ridge Community Recently, I have read stories on Colony Ridge (located northeast of Houston), sometimes called Plum Grove, because it’s near that tiny city, and I wanted to see it for myself. Until now, Colony Ridge hasn’t received much attention from local Houston news or national media. However, as the developer continued to

This. Has. To. Stop.

Biden’s Open Border Policies are DESTROYING our Country There is nothing more damaging to the future of this country than Biden and his open border policies. THIS HAS TO STOP! You can hear more on this topic in my interview with Laura Ingraham. Click here to watch. In Case You Missed It: A Behind-the-Scenes Look at

Paxton Impeachment Trial: Behind the Scenes

IMPEACHMENT TRIAL BEHIND THE SCENES LOOK Starting on September 5th, I presided over the first statewide impeachment trial in over 100 years in Texas, serving as the presiding judge as required by the Texas Constitution. Thirty members of the Texas Senate served as the jury, hearing over 60 hours of testimony in 9 days. Here’s

Impeachment Trial Report

SPECIAL EDITION: IMPEACHMENT Many of you watched some or all of the impeachment trial in the Senate or followed it in the news. This is my recap of what happened in the House when they rushed through the impeachment during the last few days of session with little notice to members and the trial itself.

This is one cold-hearted president.

We didn’t invite them either, Mayor “Los Angeles has not extended an invitation asking for people to come…this is a political act”… is what Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass said in response to Texas bussing migrants to their city. What do these liberal mayors think we deal with every day?! Texas is bearing the brunt

Drownings. Deaths. Disaster.

Let’s Go Needville! After their AMAZING 1-0 win in 9 innings over Washington this week, our GREAT Needville Texas team plays for the U.S. Little League Championship today at 2:30. A win sets them up to play the top international team for the 2023 Little League World Championship Title. To get to the U.S. Championship

Tax Relief, Border Security, and School Choice

Elections Matter….. The new Tarrant County Judge and the Commissioners Court are cutting property taxes for their constituents. This is a big change from the former judge. Congratulations Judge O’Hare and Commissioners. One-on-One with Greg Groogan On Tuesday afternoon, I sat down with FOX 26 political reporter Greg Groogan in the studio to talk about our $18

A Historic Day in Texas

Biden Refuses to Secure the Border Cartels are controlling the border, deadly fentanyl is pouring in and devastating our communities, sex trafficking of women and children is running rampant, terrorists and criminals are among those crossing illegally…the list goes on and on. This is a crisis for Texas and America that will continue to get

I’m breaking my silence.

As a conservative public official whose actual words have often been ignored and distorted by opponents and the media, I understand the critical importance of free speech, both on college campuses and off. Academic freedom helps ensure Texas students are exposed to a range of ideas and learn how to critically evaluate and challenge those