“Lt. Governor Dan Patrick is a proven champion of free enterprise and a strong advocate for Texas business,” Jon Fisher, President, Associated Builders and Contractors of Texas

Responsible Conservative Government

Lt. Governor Patrick took the lead on the state’s $218 billion budget holding increases to two percent — $1.3 billion less than the previous budget — while maintaining $11 billion in the Rainy-Day Fund and without raising taxes.

Texas Ports & the Global Economy

Lt. Governor Patrick recognized the critical importance of Texas ports in maintaining the state’s ability to compete in the global economy. He established the Select Committee on Texas Ports and created the Ship Channel Improvement Revolving Fund to provide resources to widen ship channels.

Cutting the Franchise Tax

Lt. Governor Patrick cut the franchise tax by 25%, saving Texas businesses nearly $2.5 billion and helping create more jobs in Texas. In the Texas Senate, he has passed legislation to eliminate the franchise tax altogether.

Hailstorm Lawsuit Reform

Lt. Governor Patrick passed hailstorm lawsuit reform to stop the lawsuit abuse that was damaging local economies around the state.

Buy American Steel

Lt. Governor Patrick passed legislation requiring that American Steel be used on state projects when possible.

Protecting Big City Solvency

Lt. Governor Patrick took the lead in developing a plan for Houston and Dallas to make sure pension obligations did not undermine the solvency of the state’s two largest cities.

Reining in Government Harassment

Lt. Governor Patrick passed legislation that allows a business or individual to recover costs and attorney fees if a state agency takes a frivolous regulatory action against them.

Cutting Red Tape & Reducing the Size of Government

Lt. Governor Patrick passed legislation that deregulated 11,794 occupational licenses, expedited water permits and consolidated notice requirements for air permits.