Biden’s Inaction is DESPICABLE

A Tsunami of Death

Biden and Mayorkas are turning a WILLFUL blind eye to the border crisis. They are lying to the American people and ignoring the human pain – the suffering and the death – that is happening all over the country, every single day. Their inaction is despicable.

I joined Fox & Friends on Sunday morning to talk about this and more. Click here to watch.

Footage from my Texas Bus Tour

As most of you know, I kicked off our 131-city bus tour across rural Texas last week. Here’s a short video of me traveling around the state – you can click here to watch.

Speaking to the Cy-Fair Republican Women

I am still traveling across the state. On Friday, we went to a big rally in Hays County and then traveled back to Houston for a sold-out event in Cypress with the Cy-Fair Republican Women. Great food and great fun!

Speaking at the Texas State Guard Leaders Conference

On Saturday night, I traveled to College Station to speak to around 400 of our great State Guard volunteers. The State Guard is a wonderful organization made up of over 1,800 Texans – they are our volunteer civilian soldiers that help keep Texas safe.

A member of the State Guard said to me, “my mom, Nancy, is going to be so jealous, she would love to meet you!” We tried to FaceTime her but there was no answer, so l left Nancy a voicemail!

Battleship Texas on the Move this Week

Earlier Saturday, I visited the Battleship Texas on one of its last days at San Jacinto.

U.S.S. Texas was built in 1914. The last of its kind has been docked at San Jacinto Battlefield since April 1948. This week it will be towed to Galveston dry dock for major repairs. It has an unbelievable history. She saw action in WWI and WWII. Amazingly with all of its battles in the Pacific and Atlantic, only one sailor was killed in battle in 34 years of service. She had up to 1,800 crew on board.

You can watch the historic move this Wednesday, August 31st by visiting or stream the departure, for free, on their YouTube channel and Facebook page. It will take 6-9 hours.

As Lt. Governor, I have led the way to make funding this historic ship repair and move a priority, as I have done for the Alamo. We must preserve our great history for current and future generations.

This was a sick bay on the ship. The movie Pearl Harbor shot scenes here.

A holograph of a soldier talking about writing home.

The two sinks were known as “scuttlebutts,” where soldiers talked about the daily news.

The ammo used for the Oerlikon guns that fired 450 rounds a minute. They had 44 on the ship. They would reload the drum every 10 seconds.

On the Road Again…

Tour 2022

If you see me in your town, take a picture of my campaign bus using the hashtag #PatrickBusTour22 on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and tag @DanPatrick to be entered to win a campaign gift bag and a private BBQ lunch with me and Jan! Keep a lookout for the bus – I hope to see you out on the road

Thank you all for your support and for everything you do to keep Texas red. May God bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless the greatest state of all—Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas





Dan Patrick
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188 years ago, Texan forces, led by General Sam Houston, achieved a decisive victory over Mexican troops in the Battle of San Jacinto. This battle marked a pivotal moment in Texas history, securing our independence from Mexico. Join me this San Jacinto Day in remembering the bravery and sacrifices of those who fought for freedom. God bless Texas!
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Dan Patrick
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At the Texas HomeSchool Conventions with Brent Hagenbuch.

President Trump, Gov. Abbott, Sid Miller, Senators Bob Hall, Phil King, Tan Parker, and many others support Brent for our open Senate seat in SD 30. Current Senator Drew Springer retired and is supporting Brent as well.

Be sure to vote for Brent HagenbuchTX, Naval Academy grad, three tours overseas, businessman, Christian conservative, MAGA supporter for SD 30.