Biden needs to get out of the way.

Texas Will Continue To Do Everything We Can To Protect Our Border

I recently visited Shelby Park in Eagle Pass to support our troopers and soldiers, who are doing a great job. Since putting up the concertina razor wire and containers, crossings have dropped from 2,000-4,000 a day to less than ten a day. Biden needs to get out of the way and let Texas secure the border. If he tries to cut the wire, we will put it right back. We have more wire installers than they have wire cutters. Here’s a short video from my time there.

Biden Is Turning America Into A Third World Country

I joined Trace Gallagher on Fox News at Night on Tuesday, where we talked about Texas being overrun by illegal migrants because of Biden’s dangerous border policy. Click here to watch the interview.

Biden’s Open Border Policy Is Putting Americans At Risk

Have you seen this? Biden’s open border policy is turning America into a third-world country.

Speaking At The Denton County Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner
If you live in SD 30, please vote for Brent Hagenbuch!

On Saturday night, I spoke to around 500 great Republicans at the Denton County Lincoln Reagan Day Dinner. I’m supporting Brent Hagenbuch for Senate District 30. Senator Drew Springer retired from this seat. If you live in SD 30, please vote for Brent Hagenbuch – a Naval Academy graduate who spent nine years in the Navy, former Denton County Republican Chair, and a successful businessman.

Brent is endorsed by Commissioner Dianne Edmondson, who is a legend in Denton County.

Having eight grandchildren myself, I know that nothing compares to the joy of holding a precious baby!

Here is a photo with Brent Hagenbuch and Senator Drew Springer, who is retiring. Senator Springer has endorsed Brent to take his seat. Governor Greg Abbott, Governor Rick Perry, Commissioner Sid Miller, Commissioner Dawn Buckingham, and Senator John Cornyn have all endorsed Brent Hagenbuch for SD 30.

Supporting Barry Wernick For House District 108

Last week, I was in Dallas with Barry Wernick, who I am supporting for House District 108.

Texans, Are You Ready To Vote?

Texans, get ready to vote and mark your calendars with these key election dates.

Early Voting: Tuesday, February 20 – Friday, March 1
Election Day: Tuesday, March 5

We need every eligible Republican to turn out so that we can put our best candidates forward and KEEP TEXAS RED in November. Make a plan to vote early or on Election Day. Please visit to learn more.


As we approach the beginning of Early Voting, voters should be very cautious about fake slates and endorsement cards that imply or infer an endorsement from President Donald Trump.

All official Trump endorsements come directly from the President and are released on his TRUTH SOCIAL @realDonaldTrump account.

Slate cards like this are designed specifically to mislead and confuse voters and should be dropped in the trash.

As Chairman of Donald Trump’s 2024 Texas Campaign, I want to warn voters to be on the lookout and caution everyone involved in these underhanded campaign dirty tricks.

Thank you all for your support and everything you do to keep Texas red. May God bless you and your family, and may He continue to bless the greatest state of all—Texas.


Dan Patrick

Dan Patrick
Lieutenant Governor of Texas