Banning Sanctuary Cities in Texas

We are one step closer to banning sanctuary cities in Texas once and for all. Last week, Senate Bill 4 passed out of the House of Representatives and will now make its way back to the Senate Chamber. Once the House and Senate agree on the bill, it will be sent to Governor Greg Abbott’s desk to be signed into law.
To make our border truly secure, we must end the idea that anyone can come to America illegally and live in a safe haven where they will never be required to reveal their immigration status. No city in Texas will be allowed to ignore the law. We are ending this practice once and for all this session. To stay updated on the progress of Senate Bill 4 this week, click here:
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On Friday, I shared an update on the Texas Budget and discussed the facts about the Rainy Day Fund. Watch and share my video below.

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I joined a thousand of my good friends – hard working committed conservatives – at the Harris County Republican Party’s Lincoln Reagan Dinner Friday night. I was honored to speak alongside Senator Ted Cruz, Attorney General Ken Paxton, US House Majority Leader Kevin McCarty, and many other Republican leaders.
Thank you for supporting the fight to keep Texas communities safe.