I am very proud to say that the Texas Senate completed one of the greatest weeks for conservative legislation in Texas, and perhaps, American history. We set the foundation for conservative, common-sense policy.

Here is a list of bills that are heading to the Governor from this special:

Election Integrity:

SB 1 will ensure that every Texan can trust the outcome of every election in the Lone Star State. It increases transparency and ensures the voting rules are the same in every county across the state, making it easy to vote and hard to cheat.

Banning Critical Race Theory in Texas Schools:

SB 3 will make certain that critical race philosophies are removed from our school curriculums statewide.

Prohibiting Abortion-Inducing Drugs by Mail:

When abortion-inducing drugs are available by mail, Texas women are put at risk from human traffickers and abusive spouses or significant others. By banning abortion-inducing drugs’ availability by mail, SB 4 strengthens Texas’ firm position that we are a pro-life state.

Preventing Social Media Censorship:

Texans, regardless of their ideology or message, have the right to take part in digital debates. SB 5 ensures that social media companies will not be able to deny Texans their right to free speech or discriminate against them because of their point of view.

Bail Reform:

In some Texas cities, repeat and violent offenders are being allowed to roam free on personal recognizance or very low bail, putting our communities and law enforcement at risk. SB 6 will put a stop to that.

13th Check for Retired Teachers:

Other than a parent, no person is more important to the development of a child than a teacher. SB 7, providing a 13th check for our retired teachers, is yet another way we can honor their commitment to our children and to the future of Texas.

Property Tax Relief:

SB 8 and SB 12 will save Texas homeowners $100 million dollars over the next two years and even more in the future.

The Christine Blubaugh Act—Preventing Family Violence:

SB 9 will require that Texas students are taught the dangers of dating violence, and how to recognize it, while giving parents the option to opt out for their student.

Border Security Funding:

Invests an additional $1.8 billion to secure our border.

In our fight to protect life, liberty, and Texas values, here are a few other bills we passed during the 87th Regular Legislative Session that will go into effect September 1, 2021:

Heartbeat Bill:

SB 8 says that any doctor that performs an abortion once they detect a heartbeat can be sued by any private citizen. Already allowed to be enacted by the United States Supreme Court, this law will save the lives of thousands of unborn babies in Texas.

Constitutional Carry:

This bill protects the rights of gun owners. Texans at least 21 years old can now openly carry a handgun without receiving a permit or training, as long as they do not have a criminal record.


✓ ERCOT & Energy Security Reform
✓ Power Grid Winterization
✓ Star-Spangled Banner Protection Act
✓ Statewide Broadband Access Act
✓ Pandemic Liability Protection for Business
✓ Abortion Ban Trigger
✓ Stop Oil & Gas Investment Boycotts
✓ Personal Data Protection
✓ Protect Texas Trucking
✓ Protecting Second Amendment Businesses
✓ Stop Corporate Gun Boycotts
✓ Second Amendment Protections for Travelers
✓ First Responders Pandemic Care Act
✓ Stop Local Law Enforcement Defunding
✓ Law Enforcement Transparency Act
✓ Family Nursing Home & Hospital Visitation Rights
✓ Protect Our Freedom to Worship
✓ Remove Racist Restrictions from Real Estate Deeds

These are conservative cornerstones that will keep Texas, Texas. These tremendous victories were the result of countless hours of teamwork and collaboration by the Texas Senate.