A Day In D.C.

Last Thursday I had the honor to visit the White House as a guest of President Trump to attend the annual St. Patrick’s Day tribute to Ireland.

After the event I was given a personal tour of the Executive Offices next door, the White House and the West Wing.

It was my first visit to the West Wing, where the Oval Office and several key meeting rooms are located.  I walked onto the back porch to the Rose Garden – the site of so many historic meetings and announcements.  The sense of history is vivid throughout the West Wing.

As I walked in the door of the West Wing for a meeting, the first person I saw was former Governor Rick Perry, our U.S. Secretary of Energy. He seems right at home there. I was there to discuss education, border security and several other issues. I also had a meeting at the Capitol office of Chairman Michael McCaul.

Entrance to the West Wing.

This red carpet is throughout the halls of the Executive Office Building where Vice President Mike Pence has a Ceremonial Room and about the majority of President Trump’s team works.  About a 100 members of the Trump team work very long hours in the close quarters of the West Wing.

It was great to be in the nation’s capital and meet with our good friends in the White House. Texas truly stands as a beacon for the nation, reflecting the very best of what America can be.