Senator Dan Patrick Calls for Texas Solution to Fight Spread of Ebola

October 17, 2014

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, concerned about the public health threat caused by the Ebola virus in Texas, issued the following statement:

“It’s no surprise the first case of the Ebola virus to present itself in the United States was in Texas. We are this nation’s leading economy and a hub for international travel. This otherwise enviable position in the global economy comes with unwanted risks.

“It’s also no surprise that Washington has failed us once again; failure to properly screen all travelers at ports of entry, and a failure to provide meaningful support from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“I join with other others in their call to restrict commercial air travel to areas of the world where outbreaks of infectious diseases can spread and threaten Americans here at home. I urge our national leaders to make this an immediate priority. This is a threat to public health and national security that cannot be addressed with half-measures.

“We must not allow Washington’s failures to continue to jeopardize the health and safety of Texans. Texas must continue to lead, and take steps to stop the spread of Ebola and other infectious diseases.

“Texas will provide it’s own solution to this public health threat.

“Texas is home to one of the nation’s leading facilities to study infectious diseases, the Galveston National Laboratory at University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, a Biosafety Level 4 designated facility –the highest designation for safety and security. Since 2008 this world class facility not only has had resources to study and contain health threats like Ebola, but they also are actively involved in training health care professionals on how to safely operate in an environment where infectious threats exist. This is the only facility of its kind located on an academic campus.

“The Governor’s Task Force, an impressive group of the very best minds to study and make recommendations, is prepared to issue reports in December and again near the beginning of the Legislative Session in February.

“Rest assured, the Texas Senate will be prepared to act swiftly to address these issues when we convene. I have been updated by Dr. Kyle Janek, Commissioner of Health and Human Services, and collaborate with the two medical doctors elected to the Texas Senate, Drs. Schwertner and Campbell, to meet the health and safety needs of Texans.

“Texas must be better prepared with facilities to properly treat and care for those who have become infected. We must have health care professionals who have the necessary equipment and training to contain any future outbreak of Ebola or any other infectious disease.

“Texas can and must develop our own protocols and procedures to address future cases of Ebola. We need to develop better communications channels, pathways for collaboration, and a chain of command to address serious public health threats.

“Any solution must meet the unique needs of all Texans, rural, suburban, and urban.

“Texas is better equipped than anyplace else in America to address these threats. We are home to many of the world’s finest medical minds. We already host significant centers of excellence in medicine.

“I will not allow failures of the federal government to threaten the public health of Texans. We will act in Texas to defend our citizens from the threat of infectious diseases.”


Texas Right to Life PAC Endorses Dan Patrick

October 17, 2014

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, received the endorsement of Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee.

“The Texas Right to Life Political Action Committee proudly endorses Senator Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor,” said Elizabeth Graham, Texas Right to Life Director. “His dedication to the Pro-Life cause is proven by his actions and leadership, and he will make the protection of innocent human life from fertilization until natural death a priority when serving at the helm of the State Senate. We urge pro-life Texans to stand for life with Dan Patrick in his race for Lt. Governor.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of Texas Right to Life PAC,” said Patrick. “Life is precious and I celebrate Texas Right to Life’s efforts to give life a fighting chance; from beginning to end. As the next Lieutenant Governor, I will never stop supporting those who believe life is worth fighting for.”

Texas Right to Life was incorporated to strengthen and coordinate advocates’ efforts to defend innocent human life. In 1973, Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton struck down every law in the land that protected those who could not protect themselves.

Today, the organization fights for the rights of the unborn, the disabled, the sick, the elderly, and the unloved in a world where the lack of respect for innocent human life has escalated to the point where we are all at risk.


Dan Patrick Secures Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC Endorsement

October 14, 2014

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, today received the endorsement of the Department of Public Safety Officers Association (DPSOA) PAC.

“We believe that Senator Patrick’s interest in supporting strong and stable law enforcement in Texas, in making sure the state’s commissioned peace officers have the tools we need to do our jobs, and his recognition of the significant challenges we face – including both public safety and personnel related – ensure that he is deserving of our full support,” said Jimmy Jackson, Vice President of DPSOA PAC.

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Department of Public Safety Officers Association PAC,” said Patrick. “I thank and applaud our law enforcement officers’ efforts in protecting the lives of our fellow Texans. As Lieutenant Governor, I will make sure our brave men and women in law enforcement have the resources they need to continue to uphold the law and ensure security for all Texans.”

For nearly 40 years, the Texas Department of Public Safety Officers Association (DPSOA) has been working to advocate on behalf of Troopers, Agents, Rangers, Officers, Communications Personnel and Forensic Scientists of the Texas Department of Public Safety. DPSOA is one of the largest organizations representing commissioned law enforcement officers in Texas and includes more than 3,700 men and women who daily pledge their lives to protect Texans across the state.


Dan Patrick Lands Texas Association of Realtors PAC Support

October 9, 2014

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, today received the support of the Texas Association of Realtors Political Action Committee (TREPAC).

“Texas Association of Realtors, Political Action Committee (TREPAC) is honored to support State Senator Dan Patrick in his campaign for Lieutenant Governor of Texas,” said Christine Seidel, Chairman of TREPAC/Texas Association of Realtors Political Action Committee. “We look forward to working with him on reducing the property tax burden for all property owners in Texas and ensuring the local appraisal process is fair and accurate.”

“It is a true honor to receive the support of the Texas Association of Realtors PAC,” said Patrick. “I have worked tirelessly, in the Legislature, to cut taxes on small businesses and lower property taxes so Texans can afford to live in their homes. As Lieutenant Governor, I will provide the real estate industry the tools they need to continue making home ownership possible to more Texans.”

Established in 1920, Texas Association of Realtors has 90,000 members and has the largest professional membership association in Texas. Its mission is to promote and protect private-property ownership and rights, keep homeownership affordable and the real estate industry strong – a key driver of the state’s economy.


Dan Patrick Releases New TV Ad

October 8, 2014

“Washington’s Failed Us”

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, released his newest television ad called “Washington’s Failed Us.” The ad features Senator Patrick’s top priority, border security. The ad is now running in major markets across Texas.


The threat from terrorists and cartels involved in drug and human trafficking crossing our border is a serious issue that concerns all Texans. Securing our border is Washington’s responsibility but Texas’ problem. Dan Patrick is the only candidate for Lieutenant Governor that will work tirelessly to stop the criminal elements from harming our citizens.

“National security begins with border security, and that begins with the Texas Rangers and the National Guard,” said Dan Patrick.

“Senator Patrick has a strong legislative record for securing our border,” said Bob Wickers, of the Wickers Group, who produced this latest Patrick Campaign ad. “Patrick co-authored legislation that demands reimbursement by the federal government for border security costs. He authored legislation that prohibits sanctuary cities, and authored legislation that removes enticements that encourage illegal immigration. As Lieutenant Governor, he will work even harder to protect Texans. Washington has failed us.”


Dan Patrick Fundraising Report Shows $4.3 Million Cash-on-Hand

October 6, 2014

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, highlights his campaign fundraising totals 30-days before the General Election.

“Dan Patrick’s fundraising success continues as he again exceeds his fundraising goal for this period. The campaign will post a cash-on-hand total of $4.3 million,” said Allen Blakemore, Patrick Campaign Senior Strategist. “This report is another tremendous indication of his overall campaign’s strength. He is attracting both fundraising and grassroots support from every corner of the state.

“Dan Patrick is the overwhelming choice of Texans as they vote with their pocketbooks. Since July 1, 2013, Dan Patrick has received nearly 6,000 donations totaling over $12 million. These fundraising numbers are a reliable predictor of future performance at the ballot box.

“Dan Patrick has delivered a conservative message that is resonating with the voters. Today’s fundraising report shows that he will have the resources necessary to carry that message to the voters before the final votes are counted in November.”

“I want to thank everyone who has contributed online, through the mail, and at one of our events around the state,” said Dan Patrick. “I also want to recognize our finance committee, without whose hard work none of this would have been possible. We remain on track with our plan for victory.”

More information about the campaign is available at


Senator Dan Patrick Makes Statement on Confirmed Ebola Virus in Texas

September 30, 2014

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor makes the following statement regarding today’s confirmation of Ebola virus in Dallas, Texas:

“Today the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), along with the Commissioner of the Texas Department of State Health Services, David Lakey, M.D., and Texas Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner, Dr. Janek, M.D., confirmed that a patient at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas, Texas has been infected with the Ebola virus,” said Patrick.

Health officials have reiterated that the Ebola virus is not transmittable through air. It is only transmittable through the exchange of bodily secretions such as blood and any other type of bodily fluids.

“I have been in direct communication with Texas Health and Human Services Executive Commissioner Dr. Janek, M.D. and will continue to receive updates on this development.”

More information about the campaign is available at


Senator Dan Patrick Wins Debate

September 30, 2014

Liberal Leticia Van de Putte forced to defend out-of-touch voting record

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor makes the following statement regarding tonight’s debate against his opponent:

“This evening’s debate served as a reminder to all Texans that there is no clearer choice between two candidates than there is in this race for Lieutenant Governor. I am the pro-business, pro-jobs candidate that will lower property taxes for all Texans, cut wasteful state government spending, eliminate job-killing regulations, improve our schools, secure the border, and continue to work hard for my fellow Texans.

“My opponent, on the other hand, will continue to recklessly push a liberal job-killing agenda by raising your taxes, expanding Obamacare, dangerously spending more tax dollars on failed liberal policies, keeping too many children trapped in failing schools, and weakening our border rather than securing it. Her voting record supports this.

“Texans know where I stand. I’ve spent the last year talking about the issues and listening to voters across the state. I base my priorities on the needs and concerns of our citizens.

“There is no blurring of the lines in this race. We have both cast thousands of votes as Senators and the records are clear – I’m a conservative who reflects the values of most Texans and she is a liberal who does not.”


Watch the Texas Lt. Governor Debate Online

September 29, 2014

Dan Patrick is debating his opponent Leticia Van de Putte TONIGHT at 7:00pm! Here’s what you need to know:

1. Watch Live

You can watch the debate on your local PBS station. The Texas Tribune will also stream the debate on Youtube from 7pm to 8pm:

2. #StandWithDan

Show your support on social media by using the hashtag #StandWithDan. We’ll be putting together a collage with the best photo submissions. Click here to upload your picture!

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Texas Oil and Gas Association PAC Endorses Dan Patrick

September 23, 2014

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and Republican nominee for Lieutenant Governor, today received the endorsement of the Texas Oil and Gas Association’s Political Action Committee.

“Dan Patrick understands that Texas oil and natural gas producers power our state forward,” said Rob Looney of Texas Oil and Gas PAC. “Under Senator Patrick’s leadership, we’re confident the oil and natural gas industry will continue to strengthen Texas by creating jobs, anchoring our economy and bolstering our nation’s energy security.”

“I am honored to receive the endorsement of the Texas Oil and Gas Association PAC,” said Patrick. “A true representation of our state’s economic strength, our oil and gas industry is crucial to our success. As Lieutenant Governor, I will continue to champion the oil and gas industry’s efforts so that our economic prosperity continues to flow throughout Texas.”

Texas Oil & Gas Association (TXOGA) is a statewide trade association with approximately 5,000 members representing every facet of the Texas oil and gas industry including small independents and major producers. Collectively, TXOGA members account for over 90 percent of all oil and natural gas produced in Texas, they operate a vast majority of the State’s pipeline mileage and gas processing capacity, and they are responsible for a preponderance of the State’s refining capacity.