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Dan Patrick releases new TV ad “This is Texas”

April 23, 2014

 Decries Dewhurst’s false attacks and contrasts record on property taxes

AUSTIN – Texas State Senator Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, released his newest television ad called “This is Texas”.  The ad calls out David Dewhurst for reverting to the personal attacks and negative campaign tactics he used against Ted Cruz in the 2012 US Senate race.  The ad goes on to highlight the fiscal policy differences between the two candidates.


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First, the ad outlines the 2013 budget that increased spending by 26% over last session.  David Dewhurst joined all the Democrat Senators who strongly supported the budget, while Dan led a group of four conservative senators who opposed the budget.  The dramatic increase in spending was characterized by the Wall Street Journal with the headline: “Texas Goes Sacramento”.

The ad goes on to feature Dan Patrick’s policy goals of lowering burdensome property taxes for all Texans.  As Texans receive their new property tax appraisals, Dan Patrick’s ad assures them that help is on the way in the upcoming session.

As a member of the Texas Senate, Dan Patrick has advanced several approaches to lowering property taxes.  Legislation to lower the appraisal cap on homesteads, as well as establishing new appraisal caps on business property, made little progress in the Senate.  However, legislation that reformed the roll back rate process, as well as lowering the revenue cap on local government, passed out of committee but died on the Senate floor.  Dan Patrick has also passed several bills that improve the appraisal process.

“Texas voters are struggling with ever increasing property tax burdens and need to know that we are going to address it this session,” said Dan Patrick.  “As Lieutenant Governor, I will make lowering property taxes in Texas my priority.”


“This is Texas” White Paper

David Dewhurst is using false personal attacks to hide from his record.  The Austin American-Statesman recently rated David Dewhurst’s attack, “pants on fire,” calling it both incorrect and ridiculous” (Gardner Selby, “David Dewhurst lofts ridiculous unsupported claim,” Austin American-Statesman, 04/16/2014).  While Dewhurst launches personal attacks, Dan Patrick is focused on the issues important to Texans, such as reducing spending and cutting property taxes.

The 2013 budget passed under Dewhurst’s leadership was a 26 percent increase over the previous budget.  The Wall Street Journal criticized the 2013 budget in an article titled “Texas Goes Sacramento” warning that Texas shouldn’t follow the example of California and citing a Texas Public Policy Foundation study that showed a 26 percent increase in spending from 2011 to 2013 (Staff, “Texas Goes Sacramento,” Wall Street Journal, 06/07/2013).   Dan Patrick was one of only four conservative Senators to oppose the budget; every Senate Democrat voted in favor (83-R: SB 1).

Dan Patrick will fight to cut spending and reduce property tax burdens.  As Senator, Dan Patrick has authored legislation to reduce property taxes for Texas families and businesses.  In 2013, Dan Patrick authored Senate Joint Resolution 14 to limit appraisals on Texas business property.  And he authored Senate Joint Resolution 15 to reduce appraisals for homeowners.


Dewhurst Goes Negative – Straight to the Gutter

April 16, 2014

HOUSTON – David Dewhurst kicked off his Runoff Election Campaign today with a personal attack ad assailing Dan Patrick.  Allen Blakemore, Patrick Campaign Senior Strategist responded to requests for comment on the ad:

“Six weeks before the Runoff Election and during Holy Week, David Dewhurst takes his campaign straight to the gutter.  Over the next seven days, he is spending over $1,000,000 polluting the airwaves, spewing raw sewage, and personally attacking Dan Patrick.  Mr. Dewhurst’s ad offers no excuse for his own record of failure to secure the border, failure to address property taxes that are driving people from their homes, and a failure to deliver a fiscally responsible budget.

“Mr. Dewhurst’s negative campaign of personal attacks will fail.  The voters know David Dewhurst and his record, and over 70% have already rejected his message and are looking for an authentic conservative like Dan Patrick to lead as our next Lieutenant Governor.

“This latest attack ad is a string of lies, half truths, and a rehash of events from 30 years ago.

“Voters are looking for a leader who can deliver on conservative policy, not a candidate who can launch personal attacks in packaged campaign ads.”

An analysis of the claims made in the Dewhurst attack ad is linked here:



Patrick Declares Victory

April 16, 2014

HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, declared victory tonight following the Univision conversation in San Antonio with Mayor Julian Castro and moderated by the Texas Tribune’s Evan Smith.

“This wasn’t about winning or losing,” said Senator Patrick, “but I do feel that I won in San Antonio tonight because I got to discuss one of the most pressing public policy issues in our state in front of an audience that included many Democrats and others who had never listened to me before and did not know what I stand for.

“Immigration really isn’t a Democrat or Republican issue – it is a Texas issue and an American issue. I believe most Texans want a legal immigration system that provides public safety, human dignity and is supported by the rule of law,” concluded Patrick.

“Senator Patrick seized the opportunity to speak directly to the public tonight,” said Allen Blakemore, Patrick campaign strategist. “Conservatives need strong leaders who can take our message to the people. Dan went straight to the living rooms of Texans and concisely laid out a cogent immigration policy –secure the border, stop the daily tragedy wrought by human trafficking, and return to the rule of law. Tonight provided one more example of why Dan will be the winning candidate in May and November.”


Statement by the Patrick Campaign – TLR Joins Patrick Team

April 9, 2014

HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, was informed today that he is receiving the endorsement of Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC (TLRPAC).  TLR PAC supported and endorsed David Dewhurst in the March 4 Primary.

“I appreciate the support from TLR,” said Dan Patrick.  “They have played a integral part in shaping Texas into a conservative, business friendly state.

“Texas’ economic success is due to a business environment characterized by low taxes, light regulation and a fair and predictable legal environment.  It wouldn’t have happened without TLR and their support for conservative candidates for public office.”

“Dan Patrick’s strong finish in the March 4 Primary, nearly 14 points ahead of Governor Dewhurst, shocked the pundits,” said Allen Blakemore, Senior Strategist for the Patrick Campaign.  “Patrick’s 41% against a field of three, incumbent statewide elected officials, proved that he has a winning message.  TLR’s support is a game-changer in the Lieutenant Governor’s race.  The question about whether or not the Patrick Campaign will be competitively funded has now been answered.”

More information about the Dan Patrick campaign is available at


Barry Smitherman Endorses Dan Patrick for Lieutenant Governor

April 7, 2014

HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, today gained the support of Barry Smitherman, Chairman of the Texas Railroad Commission.

“I am proud to have Barry’s support.  There are few in Texas who understand the energy sector like Barry,” said Patrick.  “All Texans have benefited from his service as Chairman of the Railroad Commission and Public Utility Commission.”

“Dan Patrick has an appreciation and understanding of the important issues affecting Texans,” said Smitherman.  “He believes in the fundamental tenants of economic and social conservatism.  Further, he understands that oil and gas is the life-blood of the Texas economy.

“Dan Patrick is the authentic conservative in the race for Lieutenant Governor.  He has my endorsement and my full support,” concluded Smitherman.

The Patrick Campaign continues to gain support leading up to the May 27 Republican Primary Runoff Election.  For a full listing of endorsements and updated news, go to


Dan Patrick Clears the Air on Legislation to Prevent Common Core

March 27, 2014

Joins House Author Dan Huberty To Address Misrepresentations By David Dewhurst

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, Texas State Senator, Chairman of the Senate Education Committee, and authentic conservative candidate for Lieutenant Governor, stepped forward to address recent distortions of his legislative work to prevent the implementation of Common Core in Texas.  Dan Huberty, the House author of the legislation, also spoke to clarify the record.

During the 83rd Legislative Session, Representative Dan Huberty authored HB 462 and Dan Patrick was the Senate sponsor of the legislation.  The intent and effect of the bill is to prevent the adoption of national curriculum standards developed by the Common Core State Standards Initiative.

“HB 462 (83R) prohibits entities at the state and local level from adopting the Common Core State Standards and empowers parents and local school boards to ensure that only Texas standards are taught to Texas students,” said Rep. Dan Huberty.  “Any assertions to the contrary are false.  I know the effect of the bill and I was proud to be standing on the Senate floor when final passage occurred.”

“It was only through the determined efforts of Senator Patrick that HB 462 (83R) passed the Texas Senate,” Rep. Huberty concluded.

“The Texas State Board of Education is a leader among states on the development of state education standards and this bill defends their authority as well as our state’s sovereignty,” said Patrick.


Dan Patrick Receives Endorsement From Gun Owners Of America-Political Victory Fund

March 26, 2014

AUSTIN – Today, Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lt. Governor, received the endorsement of national Second Amendment advocacy group Gun Owners of America-Political Victory Fund.

“Gun Owners of America-Political Victory Fund is proud to endorse Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor of Texas. Dan has been a strong advocate for Second Amendment rights as a state senator. His work on campus carry, firearms freedom legislation and working to lower regulatory burdens on concealed handgun licenses makes him the best candidate for Lt. Governor. We look forward to working with him as the next Lt. Governor of Texas.”


Tim Macy, Vice Chairman of Gun Owners of America

“I am grateful for the support from Gun Owners of America and commit to making the state of Texas a national leader in the free exercise of our constitutionally protected gun-rights,” said Dan Patrick. “As Lt. Governor, I will ensure that measures like campus carry and firearms freedom legislation that resist federal intrusion into Texas will not continue to languish in the Texas Senate.”


Dan Patrick Pushes Back Against Property Tax Grab

March 24, 2014

Attorney General responds to opinion request preventing property tax increase

AUSTIN – Today, Attorney General Greg Abbott responded to a request for an opinion from Senator Dan Patrick on whether a petition to increase Harris County property taxes could proceed.  The opinion, GA-1047, confirmed the argument of Senator Patrick and other Harris County leaders that the petition could not move forward.

The Attorney General Opinion stated in conclusion:

A court would likely conclude that section 11.301 and former chapter 18 of the Education Code do not authorize a countywide school district to hold a petition-initiated election to increase the county equalization tax.

“I am happy to stand with local grassroots and elected leaders against this backdoor attempt to raise property taxes,” said Patrick.  “Property taxes are already too burdensome for Texans. As Lt. Governor, I will continue to look to improve efficiencies and place more of our current tax-dollars in the classroom.”


Dan Patrick Continues Momentum in North Texas

March 24, 2014

North Texas Republican leadership and grassroots join Patrick’s Patriots

AUSTIN – Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lt. Governor, is building a broad base of supporters in North Texas.

The most recent endorsement from State Senate nominee Don Huffines, who recently won his primary over State Senator John Carona, is the fifth 2015 State Senator to endorse Dan Patrick. He joins Senators Donna Campbell, Charles Schwertner, and Senate nominees Paul Bettencourt and Van Taylor.

Over the weekend, several more North Texas Republican leaders threw their support behind Dan Patrick. Three SREC members endorsed Dan:

Bill Eastland SREC SD 9, Tarrant
Randy Dunning SREC SD 16, Dallas
Virginia Prodan SREC SD 16, Dallas

Dallas County TEA Party Leader Ken Emanuelson also endorsed Dan Patrick. Ken has worked with Dan Patrick for years as a member of the TEA Party Caucus Advisory Committee. Ken is the 26th TEA party leader from across the state to join Patrick’s Patriots.

“The Dallas-Fort Worth community is a hotbed of conservative activism and I am blessed to have the support of so many of their grassroots leaders,” said Dan Patrick. “There is a tangible hunger for new conservative leadership and I am grateful to be their candidate.”


Dan Patrick Receives Endorsement from Don Huffines

March 17, 2014

Growing List Now Includes Five Current and Presumptive State Senators

HOUSTON – Dan Patrick, authentic conservative candidate for Lt. Governor, announces his newest endorsement by presumptive State Senator Don Huffines.  A statement issued by Huffines explains his decision:

“I am pleased to endorse Dan Patrick for Lt. Governor.  Dan’s fiscal conservative principles, combined with his leadership skills are what Texas needs to ensure future dynamic prosperity.  Dan will not compromise his core values in conservativism and has the experience, talent, and vision to enact those principles.  This is what will propel our state forward into unimaginable growth.”

Senator Patrick said, “I am particularly pleased to receive this endorsement.  Don Huffines is representative of the new and changing face of the political landscape in Texas.  I look forward to working with him.”

Last week, Dan Patrick announced his endorsement by two current and two presumptive State Senators.  State Senators Donna Campbell and Charles Schwertner as well as presumptive State Senators Paul Bettencourt and Van Taylor have officially endorsed Dan Patrick.

Dan Patrick has also received several endorsements from current and presumptive State Representatives, bringing the total number to 24.

Dan’s full list of endorsements by conservatives from across the state can be found at: